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EPFO to give interest on inoperative accounts from April 1

Move will benefit the estimated nine crore inoperative accounts of subscribers switching jobs. Over Rs 30,000 crore is stuck in these accounts.

Nilesh Wagh should increase investments to meet financial objectives

In addition to this, Wagh must also improve his risk coverage and allocate his existing resources in a way that they are linked to the goals.

Family Finances: Pune-based Chhabras need to cut debt, focus on goal-linked investing

The couple has 3 loans—home, car, personal—worth Rs 30.9 lakh and they can get rid of the last 2 by using the surrender value of their traditional plan.

Pledging PF to buy low cost homes to be reality next fiscal

Under the proposed scheme, there will be a tripartite agreement between member, bank/housing agency and EPFO for pledging future PF contributions as EMI payment.

EPFO to launch Aadhar-linked withdrawal, pension services by March 2017

EPFO will launch a host of Aadhaar-linked online services such as PF withdrawal and pension fixation for its 4 crore subscribers by the end of this fiscal.

Budget 2015: Five significant changes that will impact your retirement savings

The Budget has introduced a defined benefit pension plan with a regular savings programme, the Atal Pension Yojana, which will replace NPSLite.

EPFO to invest Rs 13,000 crore in ETFs in FY'17: Labour Minister

EPFO has already invested Rs 1,500 crore in ETFs in the first half of the current fiscal and will invest about Rs 11,500 crore in the remaining six months.

Government to ensure transparent admin of social security schemes: Bandaru Dattatreya

"The government is trying to ensure transparent and swift administration of social security schemes through e-initiatives for employees and employers," he said.

Pension Payout: Is EPF the best bet for India?

Throughout the world, governments are looking to spread the responsibility of meeting the post-retirement financial needs of workers. In most developed economies, birth rates have fallen significantly below the level of 2.1.

Family Finances: Hyderabad-based Sreenath needs to align investments with financial goals

Hyderabad-based R. Sreenath will have to align his investment portfolio with financial goals to realise them with ease.

Planned investing, early start to ensure Rathod’s financial security

"Since I am single right now, my risk appetite is high and I would like to invest for my goals accordingly.” — Hardik Rathod

Employers resist move to up EPF contribution

The labour unions’ proposal for hike in employers’ contribution to the employees’ provident fund (EPF) from 12% to 15% is set to face opposition from employers’ representatives in the Central Board of Trustees (CBT).

Aadhaar now must for government schemes, benefits

The particular clause has been inserted to address concerns raised by civil society groups that mandating Aadhaar will exclude genuine beneficiaries, who do not possess a UID.

Six tasks for making the best out of this financial year

The craziness of March may be over, but investors and taxpayers still have a few more financial tasks to complete to put your finances on an even keel.

Tax queries: Income received from provident funds outside India cannot be taxed

Income received from PFs outside India cannot be taxed, even if it is transferred to an Indian account subsequently. Our expert explains.

EPF Board to decide interest rate tomorrow

The Central Board of Trustees of Employees Provident Fund (EPF) will meet here on December seven to decide on the interest rate for its four crore subscribers in 2006-07.

Why you should go beyond ELSS for effective tax planning

Most investors need both ELSS and provident fund for effective tax planning.

NPS sees manifold increase in AUM, subscribers since 2010

Citing the reason, he said NPS, regulated by PFRDA, is still not the first choice for the private and corporate sector employees.

Government appoints BJP's Balasubrahmanyam Kamarsu on EPFO board

Former EPFO board member Sharad Patil, who also represented EFI, said that this was an unprecedented move as the federation has always had two seats on the board.

Family Finances: Accelerating investments can help Mumbai-based Choubey reach financial goals

There are some flaws in the portfolio that need to be rectified and financial expert Chethan Shenoy explains how Choubey can do it in the best way possible.

Companies with 10 employees to come under EPFO; 50 lakh to gain

“The recommendations submitted to the ministry are part of the comprehensive amendment to the Act being proposed,” the official added.

EPFO defers decision on EPF rate for next month

Interest rate was pegged at 8.5 per cent last fiscal, which led to a deficit of Rs 365.89 crore in EPF.

Atal Pension Scheme may be tweaked; maximum entry age to be raised to 50

At present, the minimum age of joining the scheme is 18 years and maximum is 40 years.

EPFO enrols 82 lakh under Employees' Enrolment Campaign 2017

Under the scheme, the employers got the opportunity to file the declaration of unregistered employees under the EPFO Act, with a nominal fine of Re 1 per annum on account of damages.

'Outsourcing units cannot be clubbed under EPF Act'

The Delhi High Court has ruled that outsourcing units cannot be clubbed with each other or the company outsourcing work to them, for the purpose of taking the benefit of Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

Family Finances: Ernakulam-based Pavithran has sufficient funds, must streamline goals

After considering monthly household expenses of Rs 48,000, insurance premium of Rs 11,328 and investment of Rs 12,000 in the PPF, he is left with a surplus of Rs 71,672.

High interest rates will make Indian economy sluggish: Arun Jaitley

"Where in the world you get 12.5 per cent return of interest? So if deposit rates become 12.5 per cent, then what should lending rates be, 14 to 15 per cent?"

EPFO settles 10.68 lakh PF claims in September

Retirement fund body EPFO settled 10.68 lakh claims in September and of these over 97 per cent were settled within mandated time of 20 days.

EPFO may have ruined your retirement plans. Here's how

Retirement body’s historical aversion to stocks may have cost you a corpus big enough to ensure a comfortable retirement. Here’s how you can get back on track.

Family Finances: 25-year-old Kumar needs to invest in equity, stagger financial goals

An early start means that Kumar will be able to get his finances on track and reach his long-term goals and milestones with ease.

Now, all PSU banks may get to take EPF deposits

Public sector major State Bank of India (SBI) is set to lose its monopoly as the only bank where provident fund receipts of over four crore subscribers are deposited.

EPF meet on Tuesday to select private player for better returns

Under pressure from employees and trade unions to raise interest rate, the EPF Board is meeting here tomorrow to select a private financial player to manage its corpus of around Rs 2,40,000 crore for better returns to its four crore subscribers.

Documents required for filing ITR

Here is the list of documents you must collect and things you must do before filing your income tax return for FY 2018-19.

Govt to bring over 45 lakh workers under EPF scheme

An estimated 45 lakh plus new workers will be brought under the ambit of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), adding to its existing kitty of four crore plus subscribers.

No proposal for extending social security benefits to unorganised workers: Bandaru Dattatreya

Labour and Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said there is no proposal to extend social security benefits to unorganised sector workers.

Family Finance: Noida couple need to invest aggressively to meet their goals

For Noida based Rajat & Shweta Gupta, 33 & 31, Salaried, aggressive savings and investment will make them reach the goals with ease.

ET Wealth’s ideas that found place in Budget 2016

ET Wealth had come up with 25 Budget ideas for the FM’s team to consider in its draft proposal. Looks like they were listening, but only partly.

Are your mutual funds underperforming?

Investors should review their fund portfolios regularly to weed out the laggards.

Go long on mutual funds as company FDs disappoint

The latest to cut deposit rates are HDFC Ltd, PNB Housing Finance and Shriram Transport Finance, which have slashed deposit rates by 25 basis points (100 basis points is 1 per cent).

Family Finances: Prepaying loan, securing risks can help Pune-based Mishra reach his goals

Pune-based Atul Mishra can start planning for his other goals after prepaying the expensive personal loan and securing his risks.

Family Finances: Mahadevabhatts will have to defer other financial goals to be able to buy house

Their goals include saving for contingencies, a house, their future child’s education and wedding, retirement, car and vacation.

EPFO unveils mobile app, handset-based services

Dattatreya said these services will benefit nearly 3.54 crore contributing members, 49.22 lakh pensioners and 6.1 lakh employers.

EPF rate hiked to 9.5%

The Centre has hiked the interest rate paid to EPF subscribers from an interim 8.5% to 9.5% in '05.

Why NPS is better placed to invest in equities over EPFO?

The National Pension System (NPS), which invests in equity, generates superior returns for its subscribers.

Family Finances: Investing in equity can help Delhi-based Agarwals achieve financial goals

Since they are in their early 30s, they have a long investment horizon and should tap the potential of equity to give high returns in the long term.

Family Finances : Gurgaon-based Sharma needs to cut debt before focusing on financial goals

Ashok Sharma, 44, Salaried, Gurgaon must repay his expensive loans before focusing on financial goals.

Family Finances: Starting to save early to help Bharwadas but must invest in line with goals

I’m not sure about the amount I will require for my financial goals or how to achieve these.” — Sameer Bharwada.

EPFO nixes 5-day grace period for PF contribution by employers

Earlier, employers paid the PF contributions and administrative charges within 15 days of close of every month and had a grace period of five days.

Family Finance: Paygude couple need to improve risk coverage, streamline investments

Pune-based couple, Ashish & Ashwini Paygude, 34 & 31, will require Rs 8.8 crore in 26 years for their retirement.

Govt for extending EPF, ESI benefits to all organised workers

Government is considering extending Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and health benefits under ESI to all organised sector workers, Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes said.

10 smart money moves to improve your finances in 2017

ET Wealth has identified 10 money moves that can benefit investors in 2017. These are not investment tips, but steps that will help you optimise the returns.

Hiranandani group faces charges of EPF tax evasion of Rs 168 cr

The promoters of Hiranadini group, Niranjan and Surendra are in the dock after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) registered a case against them on Tuesday, on the charges of evading Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) tax of Rs 168 crores.

Family Finances: Ghildiyal needs to realign investments, exit costly loan to achieve financial goals

"I have not made any tax-saving investments so far and want to know how to do it.” -- Praful Ghildiyal

No proposal to hike EPFO investment in ETFs: Bandaru Dattatreya

As on 30 June, the total amount invested by EPFO in ETFs is Rs 7,468 crore and the absolute return on the investment so far is 7.45 per cent.

Family Finance: Hyderabad-based Chandrashekhar T needs to revamp investment portfolio

Chandrashekhar T. & Shubhangi, 37 & 32, are not keen on getting rid of land and properties but are advised to sell them to secure their retirement.

How to break free from dumb financial decisions

Here is why some of the financial decisions we take are dumb and how to avoid these flawed financial moves.

Next generation will get honest system to live in: Arun Jaitley on demonetisation

In a 1,843 word blog, 'A Year After Demonetisation', he said that November 8, 2016 "signifies the resolve of this Government to cure the country from 'dreaded disease of black money'."

How to consolidate one’s provident fund

Universal Account Number has been introduced to address most of the pain points related to change of jobs and tracking of PF balances.

Labour Ministry to amend act to give employees choice of investing in NPS or EPFO

Fresh changes proposed include framing up of a voluntary scheme to provide social security for unorganised workers, covered by Unorganised Workers’ Social Security Act, 2008.

EPF interest rate likely to be fixed at 8.5 per cent for 2010-11

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is expected to retain the interest rate for its six crore account holders at 8.5 per cent in 2010-11, with a formal announcement likely to be made in August.

Here is why D-Street cheered leap in ease of doing business

India increased remedies in cases of prejudicial transactions between interested parties.

Family Finance: Ahmedabad-based Manjras will have to put off some goals

Samir & Kajal Manjra, 34 & 31, have goals to save for kids’ education, weddings, a car, annual vacations and retirement.

With help of 'secret' a/c, EPF payout set at 8.5%

Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) subscribers will get a payout of 8.5% for 2007-08, despite the finance and investment panel of the organisation contending that the returns on investment allowed only for a lower interest rate of 8.25%.

Learn with ETMarkets: What are the benefits of investing in ELSS funds?

Financial planners recommend they consider ELSS as a part of their equity allocation and could even hold it based on performance to meet their financial goals.

Indians flocking to mutual funds, sure: But equity funds seeing lot of outflows

Inflows into equity MFs and balanced funds stood at Rs 2.55 lakh crore in 2016-17, a good 39% growth over that in the preceding fiscal year.

Family Finances: High savings, early start to help 32-year-old Sharma achieve financial goals

With savvy allocation and smart investment, Hyderabad-based Sharma will not face many problems.

Family Finance: Pune-based Chavan should reschedule home loan to meet financial goals

Chavan is an engineer and earns Rs 79,000 a month. His goals include saving for contingencies, child’s education and wedding, a new car and retirement.

EPF holders to have PAN-like card

To ensure speedy settlement of Provident Fund and pension claims, Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) will issue National Social Security Number (NSSN) within a year.

EPF Board rejects proposal to invest money in debt market

Central Board of Trustees turned down the proposal citing safety and security factors in the investment pattern. 7 ways to avoid the growth traps

Family Finances: 44-year-old Pawar needs to invest the cash corpus in line with his goals

The retiral benefits from a previous job will stand Pune-based Pawar in good stead while investing.

Budget 2015: PF contribution made optional for employees

The employer will continue to contribute his share of the PF irrespective of the worker opting not to pay his contribution.

How to keep tax benefits when exiting investments

You might be ready to book the losses from the investment, but are you okay with tax benefits being rolled back?

What stops NPS from being a lucrative investment? Taxation on maturity

While admitting NPS is a beautifully designed scheme, Yogesh Agarwal, Former Chairman, of PFRDA says problem lies in its taxation.

Family Finance: Bengaluru-based Sahoo needs to revamp his insurance portfolio, streamline investments

Sukanta Sahoo, 37, Salaried, Bengaluru has goals to save for child’s education and wedding, retirement and building a house.

Which ITR form to pick when you switch from being employee to entrepreneur

Since cutting cost is a priority at this stage, here is how to avoid paying a hefty fee to the chartered accountant and D-I-Y your tax returns.

EPF Board to consider investing 5 pc fund in stock market

In an effort to pay higher returns to its subscribers, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Board may examine the option of investing five per cent EPF corpus money in stock markets.

No Form 16 yet? You can still file your income tax returns

With the tax-filing deadline closing in and no sign of Form 16 yet, it is best to gather all your documents, calculate your liability and file returns.

Family Finance: Gurgaon-based Tamrakar needs to link investments with goals to meet them easily

Saurabh Tamrakar, 31, Salaried, has goals for emergencies, child’s needs, retirement, annual vacation, and a dream vacation.

Budget 2015: Senior Citizen Welfare Fund may face trade union, legal hurdles

FM had announced setting up of the fund using the unclaimed deposits of about Rs 3,000 crore in the PPF and about Rs 6,000 crore in the EPF corpus.

Why unclear tax treatment is making investors wary of NPS

Three weeks ago, the Union Budget 2015 gave a big push to the NPS by creating a Rs 50,000 tax break that can be utilised only by investing in the NPS.

Govt approves 8.5% interest rate for EPF deposits

Over four crore subscribers of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) will earn 8.50 per cent interest on their deposits for the year 2006-07.

EPFO for hiking minimum administrative charges by employers

Making a case for hiking the charges, the body said, "Since 1978, on account of expanding economy, the real value of the rupees has come down substantially.

Family Finance: Mumbai-based Pande needs to cover his risks, speed up investment to reach goals

Pande wants to save for his retirement, children's goals, emergencies and upgradation of his house. He has a monthly surplus of Rs 40,833.

Linking investments with goals will help Bengaluru-based Manchegowd to achieve them

"I don’t know the amount I will need for each of my goals and how to achieve these." — Abhilash Manchegowd

Financial planning for those with irregular income

The issues faced by those who earn irregular income are many, but they are not insurmountable.

EPFO to consider parking 5-15% of its corpus in equity & infrastructure trusts

EPFO will once again consider diversifying its investment pattern to park 5-15% of its corpus in equity and infrastructure trusts.

Government decision to issue Universal Accounting Numbers to benefit 30 million workers: Ficci

"This is also true in the case of all the informal sector workers which account for 94 per cent of the total Indian labour force."

Budget 2015: Tax incentives to give major push for retiral savings and boost NPS

Additional tax incentives under Section 80CCD for investing in NPS is an effort not just to boost retirement savings, but also popularise the government scheme.

EPFO disburses over Rs 47,600 crore as member benefits in 2015-16

"In 2015-16, EPFO disbursed approximately Rs 47,630 crore as member benefits and Rs 8,200 crore as monthly pensions," it said in a statement.

How 27-year-old Ashok Kumar can reduce his taxes by 60%

Taxspanner estimates that he can bring down his tax by almost Rs 37,000 by tweaking his pay package and investing more under Sec 80C.

Family Finances: Early start with savings to help Kulkarnis achieve financial goals easily

"I want to know how to invest for the life goals, including our child’s education and retirement” : Abhijit Kulkarni

Looking for last-minute tax planning with Section 80C investments? Here's help

For anyone looking for a tax-saver at this fag end of the tax saving season, chances of locking funds in unsuitable investments are quite high.

You can lose tax breaks in rush to exit investments

Experts advise taxpayers to exercise caution while tinkering with tax-planning instruments as you may have to forego tax breaks.

Family Finance: Salaried Kumar needs to increase his investments, focus on main goals

Delhi-based Mohan Kumar, 32, will need to increase his investments and revamp the insurance portfolio to meet financial goals.

Housing scheme for members of EPF

Government is launching a housing scheme for members of the Employees Provident Fund on December 25, as part of its commitment to provide "housing for all".

10% dividend tax only on dividend income above Rs 10 lakh

"Tax shall be chargeable on dividend income only to the extent it is in excess of Rs 10L in aggregate as received from a domestic co or cos," it said.

Are millennials financially wiser than their parents? Find out

Gen Y is trying to explore new choices, whether it’s in goal-setting, investing, spending, insurance or career.

EPF Board retains 8.5 pc rate for '07

The EPF Board agrees to continue paying 8.5 pc interest rate to its nearly four crore subscribers for fiscal 2006-07.

Budget 2015: Government looking at Sebi proposal to introduce MF retirement plans with tax benefits

Sebi has proposed that the investment under this plan may be categorised under E-E-E status. The government may announce this in the Budget.

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