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  • Health of the Indian economy in doldrums

    Health of the Indian economy in doldrums

    The recently-released GDP data has confirmed what should have been quite obvious to everyone having an eye on the health of the Indian economy.

    Onset of an 'economic winter'?

    Onset of an 'economic winter'?

    The Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council has now pegged the 2011-12 growth to 8.5%, lower than the 9% projected in the Budget earlier this year.

  • Arvind Singhal

    The Education Deficit

    The steady deterioration in India’s economic growth indicators should not really surprise anyone. What is, however, surprising is the complete lack of understanding of the most fundamental growth drivers from the political leadership and those...

    Arvind Singhal

    India’s Many Cliffs

    As the global financial experts and the media remains focused on how the USA manages its fiscal cliff, and the domestic experts and media on select few financial indicators such as the current account deficit,...

    Arvind Singhal

    Information, Not Just Emotions

    The India of today would perhaps be among the most emotion-driven societies in the world. There would have been nothing wrong per se in this if emotions determined how an individual were to live his...

    Arvind Singhal

    Three Ubiquitous Trends

    A recent visit to the USA has been a journey of several interesting discoveries. The purpose for that visit was, of course, to meet with a very diverse group of academics and business leaders at...

    Arvind Singhal

    A relook at textile industry

    If Indian textile and clothing industry’s performance in the last decade has to be described in a single phrase, it could be ‘unfulfilledpromise’. At the beginning of the last decade, there were several reasons to...

    Arvind Singhal

    Life Not As Usual

    The news and the activity in the first few weeks of this New Year can easily give the impression that it is life as usual as far as India is concerned. The stock market has...

    Arvind Singhal

    Recalibrating Business Strategy

    Only the most optimistic or then those who can claim some extraordinary prescience would bet on the Indian economy’s early return to a relatively high (8% CAGR) growth trajectory and a significant dampening of inflation...

    Arvind Singhal

    Running On Empty

    The recently released GDP data has finally confirmed what should have been quite obvious to everyone having an eye on the health of the Indian economy. Indeed, the only reason to be surprised is that...

    Arvind Singhal

    Transformational Changes

    While the national politics lurches from one parliament session to the next one, while managers focus on managing expectations of their analysts and investors from one quarter to the next one, and while the media...

    Arvind Singhal

    The Corrosion of Values in Private Sector

    Corruption has been making headlines in recent years, with the arc lights of the media and the public blindingly focussed on politicians, bureaucracy, public sector, and more recently, on the defence services. Unfortunately, the cancer...

    Arvind Singhal

    Premature Obituaries of Modern Retail

    Nothing seems to be going right for modern (or organized) retail these days. The financial media is full of pessimism regarding the fate of most of the prominent players, and the ranks of naysayers on...

    Arvind Singhal

    Ignoring The Headwinds

    While realization may finally be dawning on India’s current political leadership that there are very serious drags on India’s growth story, there is still a very apparent lack of deeper understanding of the underlying factors...

    Arvind Singhal

    Missing the wood for the trees

    The last 10 years have seen an extraordinary quantum of interest and debate on the benefits and dangers of modernization of India’s retail sector, though never has this debate been shriller and more contentious than...

    Arvind Singhal

    Inventing The Future

    The celebrated New York Times columnist and author Thomas Friedman recently spoke about the many changes happening in the USA (and indeed, the world) and his advice to governments, businesses, and individuals on coping with...

    Arvind Singhal

    More Tempests in the Making?

    Even as the headwinds against the Indian economy get stronger, there are 4 major sectors that are even more vulnerable than others. Urgent and bold policy interventions are needed to prevent these very crucial sectors...


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