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  • Will rupee plunge below 70?

    Will rupee plunge below 70?

    The Finance minister along with other major banks and brokerages have been calling the rupee as overshot and undervalued.

  • Manisha Gupta

    The crude gamble: Will OPEC bite the bullet?

    The crude oil prices remind of an untamed horse let loose! Unpredictable and wild. And that tells you that the cut in the petrol and diesel prices that we saw this week may be short...

    Manisha Gupta

    Enjoy the gains in gold, while they last!

    The precious metals have started a stable 2015 after two straight years of decline. Gold has moved above $1200 an oz on back of fears on future of Greece membership in Euro zone. The yellow...

    Manisha Gupta

    Gold: To buy or not to buy?

    The Gold prices have been very volatile, giving in a $80 range for a single day yesterday. The Indian Gold prices also jumped up near 4% yesterday, making it the best single day gain in...

    Manisha Gupta

    Is it a plane or is it a bird?

    The Indian commodity markets haven’t looked so bleak since they started operations in 2003. The last one year has been one of uncertainty in the Indian commodity sector. Even with the new government at helm,...

    Manisha Gupta

    Ache din for Gold jewellery Industry

    If you are getting married this year or you believe in accumulating the yellow metal, that’s Gold, then its Ache din for you as even before Narendra Modi takes over as the PM of country...

    Manisha Gupta

    Monsoon may spoil the Modi Honeymoon!

    Narendra Modi may have a lot of support on-ground, but the weather Gods do not seem to be favoring the man. Modi, if he does form the government on May 16th will have to tackle...

    Manisha Gupta

    Indian Rupee – Gainer among Losers

    The Indian rupee is up more than 2% in the current quarter. The Indian unit at 8 month highs, is one of the best performers in the EM currencies, 2nd only after Indonesian Rupiah, holding...

    Manisha Gupta

    The Indian Commodity Trade

    2013 has been the year of lot of changes for Indian Commodity markets. The year saw imposition of CTT or the Commodity Transaction Tax of at 0.01% on non Farm commodities from July 1. The...

    Manisha Gupta

    Gold – Globe shorts, India buys

    This is the first year after 12 years of gains, that gold is headed for a negative return, mainly on the possibility that the US Fed Reserve will sooner than later start tapering the $85...

    Manisha Gupta

    Rupee weak and vulnerable

    The Indian Rupee is not listening to the Reserve bank of India. The RBI has physically intervened in the markets today at 61.17 as per sources, a day after the RBI policy meeting. The INR...

    Manisha Gupta

    Black Gold at $100

    Nymex hits a century and at a time when most people were calling a sell on the black gold. Read a report few days back that with gold going down and Crude oil expected to...

    Manisha Gupta

    Crude Rocket

    The first half of 2012 saw most commodities close negative. The saving grace was the last day of the quarter that saw commodities like crude, gold, metals rocket up after the much awaited EU Summit...

    Manisha Gupta

    Gold Bug

    The Akshay Tritiya sentiment, media hype, promotions and gift schemes did produce results even as the gold prices are up 32% since last Akshai tritiya. And to lure the Indian customer’s it wasn’t just the...

    Manisha Gupta

    The January Cheer

    The year 2012 not just started on a cheerful mood but the first month of the year is also closing on strong gains for all asset classes, wheter it is equities commodities or currencies. The dollar...

    Manisha Gupta

    The Worst Asian performer

    The Indian Rupee is the worst performer amongst Asian currencies, and third worst performer in global currencies. The rupee is down due to global factors and also domestic factors like rising oil import payments as...

    Manisha Gupta

    Silver Lining

    Silver prices have run up on buying from all sectors. What started as catch on rally to gold has led to one way frenzy in the white metal. The Prices have run up from $39...

    Manisha Gupta

    Food leads the Index!

    The Reuters CRB index and The Standard & Poor’s GSCI Index are positive due to gains in agri commodities. The leading 3 commodities on the Index are Cotton, coffee and Wheat. Cotton has seen huge...

    Manisha Gupta

    GOLD It Is!

    The yellow metals is a must have in your portfolio, How much ? That can vary on your comfort level. Gold is headed for 10th annual gain. The prices in recent months have moved up...

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