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The bill that is about to change your driving habits forever

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Yes, hefty fine will increase the bribe culture. But it will also increase the rule followers. How ? I give an example. Fine of "Driving without License" is 5000 Rupees. Now assume you are caught by policeman when you have no license. Now what may be settlement ? You have to pay 1000 to 2000 suppers as bribe. But next time you will get/have license because each time you will not be willing to pay 1000-2000 rupees.So this system will work in long run. Initially policeman can take some bribe but eventually there will be mass increase of rule followers and it will ensure road safety eventually.There is an example for me. Helmet is mandatory in city Jaipur. 20 year ago, no one uses it but to escape from 100 rupees fine, Jaipur started to wear helmet. Now everyone wears helmet in Jaipur.So this system will work in long run definitely. I have no doubt in it.

R.R. Singh

Why don''t they also include a provision for exhaust vents of heavy commercial vehicles point upwards instead of just spewing smoke in the face of pedestrians/cyclists/motor cyclists/poor people driving non A/C cars with windows rolled down.

The Bill must cover:1. Two wheelers: more than 2 persons riding, rash driving, traffic rules violation etc2. Repeat violations will result in licence cancellation.3. Police allowing violations/ taking money and letting the violator off, should be severely punished.

Ajay Vats replies to svaidy28

A provision must be there to install a camera in the dress of every On Duty Traffic Personnel.This will solve most of the problems.

Ashok Vashisht (Panchkula)

What''s missing here ? (1) Honest and committed Traffic Police. (2) Effective CCTV surveillance with AI.

Dvvoda Verma (null)

Can corrupt officials will let these changes happen. or may be they will remain on papers not in reality.

trinetra (Pune) replies to dvvoda Verma

Horrible thing is selectively applying measures to white collar middle class and letting go huligans, cab, tempo, truck drivers

Rahul Dev (Delhi) replies to dvvoda Verma

Opposition is not letting it pass from the Rajyasabha, they are afraid, it will end the corruption in State RTOs by implementing uniformity through out the country.

Mayank (gurgaon)

These high fines will then be exploited by Traffic police department to loot people,

Screening of RTO officers providing Licenses w/o doing proper test to be banned. CCTV to be setup in Major roads and junctions to monitor the driving behavior and then levy fines proactively. This can be privatized. Most importantly Roads has to be only used for Vehicles only and that maintained continuously. There should be integrated Road, Traffic, Civic Authorities management system.

Similar System applies for Railways who have to take Number of safety measures first before they launch High-speed trains. That is - High speed driver training Centres should be set up that can train drivers, Rail Track laying technique has to be Modernized with Induction of Modern technology. Elevated Tracks have to be built, Modern Repair & Maintenance Workshops have to be Built, Command and Control Centres have to be operational, signalling systems have to Undergo Modernization and above all, Railways have to prepare a technical workforce to Manage technology and Operations. Japan & China have perfected the art of High-speed modern trains there is no harm in Learning from Efforts they have made.

If we read NCR Newspapers where most accidents have happened in Past and if State admiration conducts study of accidents then JP Delhi- Mathura expressway could be on Top where drivers drive at High Speed because there are no “Speed Cameras”. City admiration City Governance Plays a key Role in Curbing and stopping accident Rates. If admiration is lazy, uncaring then various kind of accidents and deaths will happen. Therefore, Motor vehicle act should essentially bring into ambit the administrators, the traffic Police, the Bureaucrats who are responsible for design upkeep and Maintenance of our Cities. Cities must essentially Install CCTV Cameras on all major Roads & expressways. Cities have to Install Intelligent Traffic system that is Monitored from Command and Control system so that faulters are quickly apprehend, those who are disobeying Rules. “Speed Kills” the message is often seen on electronic Boards but are we enforcing speed limits? Do we have signboards to specify Speed limit? In almost every advance country Speed signboard are visible. Police vans are stationed with Speed Guns? It is admirations responsibility to make sure safety measures are adequate. Electric Buses that are arriving are Fitted Modern safety Gadgets

Govt is serious about Road accidents that is why it is bringing a Comprehensive set of Rules, laws which shall Penalize drivers, makes Parents of Juniviles responsible for accident, for first time. Vehicle manufactures are also being Brought under Motor Vehicle act. Act, Laws, indeed Compel Public to follow them, there is a fear that if they disobey, then they can be heavily fined or even jailed. Young Persons with SUVS are common sight, driving rashly at high speed on busy streets and Highway waywardly which is very dangerous to all those on roads. Similarly, Drunk driving is also common and truck drivers are often drink therefore Police with breath analysers should be seen on Roads. Local admiration and auto Firms together have to hold safety Seminars to educate drivers. Auto Workshops should display Safety Rules and should be well equipped with machines and devices. A simple Tyre air filling Machine should be more on NCR towns.

Its all v well in theory and should not this be in use already vut by putting something into authoruties hands they look the other wayHonesty in implementing laws is a mahor need in India then only defaulters can be brought to book


where is road in city, pedestrian, cycles, hawker, three wheeler, tempo, zug zaging two wheeler

So pedestrians and bicyclists are just supposed to f... off?? Have you ever seen roads outide india?? There are separate lanes and walkways for them which Indian govt never bothers to build in most roads. They are encroached for parking by four-wheeler onwers like yourself.


to enrich traffic police department , they find fault to fine

Good for corrupt police to make money. My license was approved on 26th march still didn’t reach to me. What about it ? Any fine for the concerned department? What about driving test? Why anyone can driving license?


How about over crowded buses? How much will be the fine? Why honking is not included?

A new hoax to the list of preexisting ones

Bharat (Bharat)

First teach people how to drive, where to park, how to overtake, having proper U turns, driving on the wrong side of the road, compulsory back lights & signals for tractors, no heavy loads (blocking the visibility), importance of road crossing, restriction on honking, etc.

Sourabh Devani (Kota)

I have a feeling that this has happened before

Like most of the people already commenting intentions are good but question is who implement these effectively. Same old corrupt police? These corrupt cops will take higher bribes now than 50 or 100 every time you get caught. People mindset need to be changed.

Not just mindset....the license test needs to be ten times tougher like in the west. And lane discipline should be inculcated in people so that roads don''t look like beehives all the time and traffic flows smoothly. Also, people honking a lot should be fined, same goes for wrong side drivers too.

Pedestrians crossing roads talking on the phone should also be penalized. Pedestrians are more careless while crossing roads.

Satyajit (Pune)

After reading the changes , it seems that only common citizen has to pay hefty fine and what about the clauses which gives a scope for police and traffic police to ask for bribe. Simple example why one registration doesn’t work for entire country , every time u move from one state to another u have to pay taxes and change registration like we are moving to another country. Putting hefty fines means giving more scope to police to resolve things for less money as bribe


whatever rules the govt. make, the important thing is the effective implementation still we can see minors driving two-wheelers, people overtake on wrong sides, overspeeding, one full family riding on motorcycles with infants etc..

Prasad Kv (Bangalore)

Intentions are good. But in India , more the quantum of Fine , more the corruption. How do we handle this ?

This Bill will facilitate the Police to be more corrupt any way they are 10 times more corrupt in Modi’s Government now they will get more free hand in the name Of Imandar Government. This proves Modi/BJP is taking black money in novel ideas.

The draftsmen of the Bill are plain stupid.Who has to pay the compensation? It is a principle in tort law that the duty of care increases proportionately to the danger likely to be caused.The burden of proof has to be on the vehicle user.Imposing hefty fines will deter only those who cannot afford to pay.Rash and negligent driving have been most by the super rich.Restitution has to be the principle. For death by rash and negligent driving loss of legitimate expectations should be compensated by the one causing the death reduced in proportion to contributory negligence.For causing death by rash and/or negligent driving,cancellation of licence should be mandatory.The more powerful the vehicle, the more is the duty of care and the more should be the mulct in compensation.Liability for fault must be the riding principle.For granting licences without proper verification of ability to handle the equipment,the licensing authority has to be dismissed and prosecuted for offences under IPC.


Vehicle should be linked with the owner''s all bank account. When offence happened, the penalty automatically deducted from their account.


Stopping on the road or service road parking must have heavy penalty, which is missing. All vehicle should be linked to the owner''s mobile and bank so that when offence happened, it is automatically deducted from their account.


No penalty declared on Truck or Buses who drive in Main lane. Truck or Bus owners must punished on driving main lane.

Good initiative. Other offences like, best buses not halting at their bus stops but straight on the road, autos having no sense of driving, etc should also be fined. We need more helplines to report such cases.

Smaran Mudbidri (Bangalore)

Good steps being taken.

hahha police walas will soon get a good raisr in their income indirectly

R Pareek (Mumbai)

On National highways all big truck always drive on first lane . If some one has to over take he has to take from left side . Is in India it is Right hand driving or Left hand driving ? Once I met RTO Senior officer . I asked same question and ask why you are not objecting on such truck driving wrongly. He replied that He is not from ROAD TRANSPORT. Major Accident happening because of this Reason . No body know when the truck will come to Left or when on right . Our Administration Authorities are not able to Control . Now time that It should be Automated . Officers never object on wrong Driving . How country will improve . God Knows .

Parag replies to R Pareek

Very true. Not only the risk of accidents but also slowing down the speed of all other vehicles and thereby increasing the fuel consumption and pollution. These are small issues but the impact is huge.

Gentlemen, I agree in total with above measures. Most importantly 2 wheeler insurance should not go more than Rs.1,000 and for cars should not go more than Rs.4,000. The common man should not be punished on any account. Thanks.

H K (Delhi)

The huge increase in fines will simply enhance settlements without challans i.e. more corruption and the rates such settlements will also go manifold. to avoid such things technology needs to be developed and deployed. drivers should get indications / alarms in vehicles for violation. traffic police must have fool proof equipments to record violations and genuineness of challans.


Pedestrians crossing roads in random places other than designated zebra crossing should be fined.Another important point that everyone is saying is also true. If corruption in police department is not penalised this changes in rule will have no effect. Because "people will be confident that if the police catches them doing some violation just give the police guy a couple of hundred bucks and he will leave you. It''s not necessary to pay few thousands as a fine." we have to change the mentality of the people. For that the police department should not be corrupt. To achieve that we must make receving and giving bribe a severe criminal offence which should be punished by lifetime in prison.

Bsrahmd (a)

Manufacturers are going to cut production or close shop and lay-off workers. Petrol stations are going to have poor business and they are also going to close shop and lay-off workers. Unemployment numbers are going to increase further. Oops, silly me , as if our Govt and Ministers didn''t think of that. I am sure we are going to be a Fine Country, don''t worry, be happy !

Ridiculous statement. I wonder how you came to this conclusion.

Bsrahmd (a) replies to Kshitij Mathur

Grin ! Oops, my mistake.. I meant the car manufactures ... in keeping in flow of the article... Grin ! ( Cheer-up , need a little bit of wit, sarcasm, humour, fun to live in this chaotic life ! )

Bsrahmd (a)

Poor lorry drivers, they are going to dump their lorries and look for other jobs as their livelihood is threatened. The unemployed numbers is going to inrease. Poor public, their cost of living is going to increase as the tranportation costs are also going to increase !

Sarthak Chawla (Delhi) replies to bsrahmd

Wow you are like really shortsighted. Lorry drivers will look for other jobs? Yeah if they dont stop driving zig zag and jumping red lights its better they do

You''re incredibly short sighted.

Bsrahmd (a)

I am even sadder that Govt didn''t say anything about the mending the pot-holes , cleaning up the roads and streets , removing encroachments that damage our vehicles and lower the our driving experience , disciplining and punishing the corrupt traffic police .

Bsrahmd (a)

I am sad that now the traffic police is going to take bribes by 10 x, 100 x ! Poor public !!

Bsrahmd (a)

I am happy that money is going to flow into Govt coffers by 10 x , 100 x by way of fines. What a Fine Country !


what is the fine for not providing proper road infrastructure and accident due to potholes and encroachment on roads.

Shashank Jain (New Delhi)

The more important issue is effective implementation and practicality rather then tightening the law. Poor implementation is visible everywhere, with few exceptions, whatever little govt. agencies do. e.g. a traffic constable is more effective if it stands at red light than hiding behind something and writing challans.


The revised law is a good measure in disciplining the errant drivers. However, in the present corrupt situation this will enable the policemen to earn more through bribes if not implemented by the enforcing authorities. Also no influential person be allowed to let go based on his social or political standing.

Good Start Prison terms should be added for rash drivers


India seriously lacks proper roads infrastructure which clearly reflects on speed norms derived by World Bank and indirectly on Indian Economy & GDP. Whats the sence in applying fine without having proper basic infrastruture? It looks like it''s a government''s revenure earning tactis to compensate reduction in earning through direct / indirect taxes.

these are good measures. However, the most important would be how well we drive the compliance across various states. All good measures fail due to lack of governance.

I dont find why Opposition is opposing this bill.This is much needed in cities like Delhi where there is no driving sense

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