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What the road ahead looks like after India's radical banking transformation

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Guru Bala (now at Boston MA USA)

u can''t trust the banking system.any way RBI too failed its responsibility obviously. Jalan Jalra is kuch nahi!

raaj (guj)

There is no mention of Phone banking .. phones originating from FM< PM and other petty fogies of ruling party .. It is heavy contributor to present distress in high dense cities branche s are wall to wal 1 kmstretch having 7/10 branches of different banks what use all are from one parent GoI ... waste of resources..


today marks sense x nifty gold prices

No amount of juggelery and drama of merging is going to help. These are All superficial cosmetic steps.we need to focus on reviving agriculture and manufacturing which unfortunately government has no time to look at.

Kavi Tanna (Toronto) replies to Unity Peace

Umm no, this will ensure smaller banks don''t go under and add to NPAs. It''s already calculated that this will aid NPA recovery from 40 percent to 45 percent.

Guru Bala (now at Boston MA USA)

nothing will work.. any anxious activities never worked. fact is all like pack of cards will fall.

1. REMEDIES:2. A. Issue an ordinance to bring PSB salaries & pensionary benefit on par with Central Govt. Employees. So that those who want to exit on VRS may be permitted & go in for recruiting youth in vacant posts to attract the most talented. B. Prudent to involve UFBU in decision making on mergers.



Bigger banks will be more difficult to manage and many employees will lost their jobs. Nirmala Sitharaman is denying the job loss and the unions are quite.

Kavi Tanna (Toronto) replies to Anthony Barbosa

So your saying that people should never be layed off? Have you heard of a country called America?

Anthony Barbosa (Goa) replies to Kavi Tanna

No I have never heard of a country called America. Modi came to power telling lies. Where are the Ache din or according to you people losing jobs is a ache din?

Kavi Tanna (Toronto) replies to Anthony Barbosa

Ache din is for fools. It is necessary to lie to fools because every politician will promise the moon to win. Therefore it is necessary to lie if you are a good politician to defeat the bad politician. As for jobs, there will be no government that can produce jobs as India is not a communist country. As for creating the right environment, Modi has done everything possible given what he inherited. More jobs would be created but it would involve undoing the fair price land laws created by Scamgress on their way out in 2013 as one example. However India will likely never get jobs this era. Automation will ensure that. None of you fools have any solution because there is no solution. Unless you can create the next Google or the next Tesla?

Govt need to quick action , instade of selling their vote bank and fighting eachother for vote, economic should be fix now or never

High time that Governments walked the talk. Freebies should be on Government account not the public sector banks. The Government in fact encouraged big NPA dues by "free" loans to the lower sections of the population. It is time that the Government pays for them or encourages the Banks to get the money? From the large corporates as well as other sections. After all, campaigning for elections starts from the day poll results are declared for the last election, does it not?

The road ahead for banks looks like normal Indian roads - riddled with potholes, haphazard traffic, long lines at tollgates for imaginary roads - in other words its going to be on heck of a ride!

Instead of merger, the government should find ways to get back the money(NPA) looted by big industrialist.

Government of India should reduce interest on ppf epf post office small savings by 1.00%( on all catogories of investers) with immediate effect to revive the economy it will help in interest rates coming down for industries and consumers it is the best way to revive economy and help banking industries.


In the name of merger of loss making banks with reasonably fair banks, Govt has robbed the share value of the reasonably fair banks, causing substantial loss to shateholders. Is this economy revival? Hovt is soft in tackling NPAs but silently robbing shareholders.


Modi said that it''s not the rupee but sarkars aabroo that is falling. So by that logic his aabroo has fallen.

AAbroo falls of a person who has it but what about the person who does not have it?

Bank mergers, certainly, will not revive economy of the country, so long as corporates continue to loot the Banks and politicians keep announcing waiver of loans in vote bank politics. Bank executives donot adhere to basic principles of banking and principles of lending are not followed while providing credit facilities. Tax payers'''' money is used for recapitalising Banks. This is bad economics, blunder done by politicians. Only benefit is that the government need not search for appointing CEOs of so many banks.


but same psb staff works good at private banks. they need a rod in their back.

Change the staff and all will be good the PSB staff are all useless

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