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Will DHFL depositors get their money back?

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A.MARGABANDU (chennai-600069)


Supremecourt says we are not inclined to interfere at this stage. Approach NCLT.

file petition in SC all directors including Independent Director be sent to Jail till they pay depositors using residual powers

I have invested my retirement savings in DHFL FD. Will i get it back ?

sushil (punjab) replies to Sudheendra Rao

Chances are less, but have to.try.

Will FD holders get interest payments or that also will be stopped.Somebody please respond.

I have a loan with Dhfl should i deposit my emi or not

My friend has a FD with DHFl as well as House Loan with .. can FD is set off against Loan

Raj kumar Sinha (Ghaziabad)

Action should also be taken against RBI and CRSIL management.Was RBI sleeping till the Bomb exploded? How does CRISIL make its rating?Why has there been no arrests so far against the erring management.?

Chanakya (lanka) replies to Raj kumar Sinha

it all started with ilfs

Investigating agencies must confisticate all the assets of the crooked promoters of DHFL and the money recovered should be use to keep afflot the Company. Going to NCLT or IBC is not the only solution. All efforts should be made to revive the Company so that people will not loose their money, jobs and most importantly the faith in the system.


How can a person who could not run a PSB successfully will be able to sort out the mess of DHFL. Whose interest he will look after. ? Why can''t RBI take the responsibility of paying the public Depositors especially the Senior Citizens before sending DHFL to insolvency. On its own RBI could write off 70000 crores of loans of rich and wealthy instead of attaching their assets for recovery process. All this is a big shame on our financial system.

We the Senior Citizens who have invested their life''s savings in DHFL would like to know how they have been classified as unsecured creditors whereas they are ones who vote and elect the Government who in turn make laws that govern all of us. If the Government can change bankruptcy law to bring DHFL under its control it should at the same time change the law to make FD holders as secured creditors. Hi

DHFL is not bankrupt in regular sense - like most NBFCs, DHFL used to raise funds from money market through CPs for funding long term loans - but today like many NBFCs, is unable to do so due to lack of trust created by ILFS default - and while it generates enough funds to meet interest payouts for creditors, it cannot call back home loans to repay the principal. Further, as NHB funded HFC, at least 51% of it''s assets need to be in form of individual home loans - which rarely see a default. What has happened is that thousands of crores were however siphoned off by creating ?fake? securitization nores and asset sale documents in past 12 months in violation of both NHB regulation and the debenture agreements.As Bombay High Court allowed payments to be made against these ?fake? securitizations, RBI has immediately appointed an adminstrator to prevent siphoning off of funds under these questionable documents - so that it can pay interest on it''s debentures and FDs.


Hello Anandakrishnan, Nationalised banks not waiting, already looted of lakhs of crores already, are in final stage of CANCER, but under ventilator as Doctors, I mean the shielding the PSBs. One bad morning, the ventilator will be removed, all of us fall in a biggest ever ditch , govt.already plan to burry us.

Nirav Modi, Kingfisher, IL & FS, DHFL, PMC Bank, some non-viable huge projects waiting to blink in public balance-sheets... long list... citizens'' dream-come true state of economy shining....? Perhaps Citizen Register can ease the pressures? :-) GOK

Hope the small investors get some relief instead of losing the entire amount.

RBI has taken over DHFL management exactly for that reason that it was defaulting repeatedly - this was only on secured debentures which are held by around one lac small investors and mutual funds - while was repaying bank loans, improper securitization notes and even unsecured Commercial Papers, it was repeatedly defaulting on secured debentures The RBI appointed administrator will now rectify this and should be using the thousands of crores DHFL has collected in past 2 months to honor commitments to the long suffering secured creditors. Payments to unsecured FD holders are held up due to High Court orders that dictate DHFL first honors the secured creditor dues - so, once the secured creditor dues are cleared, DHFL should be able to restart servicing FDs too -

This chai wala has destroyed this beautiful company, sometimes i wonder why indian voter voted for this Chu***a in 2019


Day by day, questions arise in our mind, whom to trust. Cant trust Banks, even PSBs, Big companies take deposits but at the end of their lock in period, the Co.will exist or the promotors fly away taking our entire deposits. Work on daily wage, buy things to cook food, have food in the night, sleep peacefully not worrying about tomorrow.


It is observed from the retrospective... new set of policies do come to check corruption in corporates but the persons involved also develop special skills to create new scene of corruption. insider tightness is still under doubt. The value system in country is yet to come back. I am personally pained to think about investors loss.

Confiscate all the property mortgaged to DHFL and repay the NCD holders.

Will matured DHFL NCD holders get their money back? Really worried.

The Answer is NO since company has gone into IBC proceedings now..


Before infusing crores of tax payers money, govt.must check, how much assets have been accumulated by the Promoters, staff, connected politicians and many more may be. its a fashion nowadays to loot public money and buy their own assets, just fly away from our country. I pity the common, poor, middle class population who trust , invest in these Companies , loose every paise. I am also one among these.

Subbu India (Bengal)

All people who have invested money to buy a property and are not dealt with the promises made by the builders irrespective of the property value should get money back or compensation as the case may be.

This company should have been given some funding and liquidity by RBI as it has a very strong Brand name and good hold on market. This can recover easily provided some liquidity is provided to it. Taking it to NCLT is not good for investors

I want RBI Governor to think twice before referring DHFL for insolvency rather RBI should ask NHB to infuse about 10000 crores in this so that it can start it''s business of lending and all creditors get paid. However in some cases such as NCD the time frame for payment can be extended by few years. All FD holders will get maturity payment on time. All knowledge able bankers and economists feel that insolvency is not the right answer for DHFL.

I have invested good amount of my retirement savings in DHFL NCDs based on its 3 star ratings and recommendation of financial experts.How long do I have to wait for my principal amount?

Satendra Yadav (DELHI) replies to Gandhi Vadlapatla

Sir, I am sorry to say but your money is doomed now. Since company is into IBC proceedings, so, there is less chance of you getting your money back. Better you should have liquidated in July August period.


There is no need to panic. DHFL as a HFC was under supervision of NHB. Further, as a systematically important Financial Institution, it was also under supervision of RBI. By appointing an administrator, RBI has finally accepted its accountability for the current state of affairs at DHFL - which is largely due to massive diversion of lien assets under guise of securitization or asset sales to repay CPs of high influential investors over the past 12 months. To reflect this accountability, RBI needs to have NHB inject around Rs 10-15000 cr of tier 1 perpetual bonds into DHFL and possibly take a 51% stake in DHFL - this will enable DHFL to fully honour all its financial commitments of interest and repayments for next 2-3 years and restart its home loan business as the SRA and property loans will take 2-4 years to recover. To generate additional cashflow to support home loan expansion, it could request debenture holders for a redemption timeframe of 2022 to 2025 by offering them an interest rate of 9% while FD redemption can happen as per maturity schedule.

Interesting, SBI Chairman, Rajnish Kumar did say that DHFL is a good franchise and will attract many suitors -

it is my request to all indians-convert 25 5 of savings into dollar-euro and gold.India is going to have major depression


I hope I will get my ncd and fd backI have lost all trust in financial institutions and cooperative banks only nationalized banks are waiting to be looted and picked clean that day is not far when we might be forced to keep cash in our house instead of banks

Jeevandhar kumar (Bangalore)

I am a retired person and invested Rs.55000/-in DHFL out of my retirement funds on 9/2018. Beeing a Sr. Citizen whether I will get back my hard earned money.kindly suggest.


In India only depositors are punished with low interest and deposit is guaranteed only for a lac of Rupees in a scheduled Bank. Naturally, most monies are parked in silver, gold, stock market and real estate. This helps foreigners and big land Bank owners who have foreigners as Co investors/lenders. Result is Startup India does not get sufficient funds at low cost.

Depositors must get their hard earned money.It is shame on part of Govt agencies.They wake up only when damages occur.Bjp Govt boast of better governance.In last ten years govt helped only Idustrlis and govmoney looters.

RBI and Supreme Court should take punishable action on Rating Agencies like CRISIL and CARE for misguiding general people and not issuing warning notes. Other possibility is that these are manned by incompetent people or persons of doubtful integrity. They are party to all unlawful activity carried out by DHFL and earlier IL & FS. CRISIL and CARE need to be punished.

The primary reason which RBI has given for superseding the DHFL board is that it was frequently defaulting - many mutual funds and investors had complained about the selective default policy in which it defaulted even on secured debentures while continuing to service bank loans and even unsecured Commercial Papers of highly influential parties - essentially siphoning off money belong to aam aadmi to oblige the influential parties. Further, RBI must have been concerned that DHFL management was illegally issuing securitization notes on assets on which secured creditors had first charge in violation of the law without their go ahead. RBI was finally forced to act when the Bombay High Court permitted DHFL to continue payments on these questionable securitization notes -The RBI adminstrator is hence expected to immediately stop all payments on these notes until it is clear that these were issued without compromising the security cover on it''s bank loans and secured debentures who have first charge on all it''s assets. Further, the Adminstrator is expected to ensure that DHFL starts servicing the secured bank loans and secured debentures which are largely held by retired people and mutual funds.RBI has been extra pro-active to protect the small investor given the bad light it has been in due to the bungling on the PMC Bank default - hence, there is hope that even the FD depositors will be get paid off after the secured creditors are paid off.


Yes, if all defaulting/insolvent private sector companies are Nationalised, then, all creditors, both secured as well as unsecured creditors, will be safe and stock market will boom and animal spirits will be unleashed taking India to 5 trillion dollar economy in shortest period. But government should hold on to the nationalised stocks for some years and sell it at high prices after issuing bonus shares. Think Private Be National!

How can we trust the finance in India and deposit our hard earned money on savings account not on deposits after seeing PMC and now DHFL?


common man''s trust in financial instruments is dented very hard. while the rating companies once again mislead the entire financial system is horrible. the entire industry, be in manufacturing,, financial,service have gone haywire. this is bane of Indian economy, pseudo culture have brought disrespect of our forefathers culture. trust deficit is increasing. even banking system in india needs to be improved. the people behind such mentality are to be identified, and given a befitting treatment. where are going from here? while people especially middle class are undergoing turmoils, with unemployed children, heavy medical expeny, burdening of day to day living it is time people needs at helm needs to ponder the sorry state of affairs


if the DEPOSITORS don''t get their money they may come on Streets N wipe out the Total of DHFL OTHER choice if paying income tax must deduct. such amounts N no tax payment...,..

Senior citizens of both their FD''''s and NCD''''s should get first priority as they heavily depend on interest money for monthly expenses with no alternate source of other income. Remember before going bust DHFL was rated CARE AAA and a lot of innocent and gullible senior citizens have invested their lifetime savings in such ''''bluechip'''' companies having M-cap pf Rs 45,000 crore at one time. Its a gross negligence on part of SEBI, RBI and Rating Cos.

Shyam Galagali (MUMBAI) replies to Sagar Shah


Ravie Gupta (Chandigarh)

Depositors, in this case, should be treated on pro-rata basis alongwith banks, mutual funds and NCDs etc.


These investors should consider this investment as a part of ongoing payments for nation building and spreading hindutva.

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