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    Seven reasons why we all need a boss like Miranda Priestly


    Having a demanding, perfectionist and a 'Dragon Lady' boss teaches you some of the greatest lessons in life.

    Having a demanding, perfectionist and a 'Dragon Lady' boss teaches you some of the greatest lessons in life.
    (This story originally appeared in on Feb 19, 2016)
    If you have watched 'The Devil Wears Prada' then the name Miranda Priestly is enough to send chills down your spine. But if you see closely, having a demanding, perfectionist and a 'Dragon Lady' boss like her, teaches you some of the greatest lessons. Sure, at first her sarcasm, hurtful remarks, unending demands, erratic working schedule frustrates you and tests your patience, but in these situations you learn the best lessons of life. Here's 7 reasons why having a BOSS like Miranda Priestly is a boon, certainly in disguise of a DEVIL.

    -No comfort zone

    We all have been through a phase where we get a little too comfort and scared to get out of that comfort zone. With a boss like Miranda, chances of getting too cozy in your seats is out of question. Everyday is new challenge and new learning.

    -Nothing but the best

    Every task given will have results which are just better but the best. A boss like Miranda will not be satisfied if the results are just better, they better be the best. This will make you strive harder, yet being smart in your approach at the same time.

    -Be aware, alert and prepared

    The next time you are going in a meeting, be sure you are completely prepared and aware. You never know what might get her attention and what comes your way.

    -Dress the part

    They don't say for nothing that it is important to dress the part. Just because you aren't in the showbiz or fashion industry, doesn't mean you shouldn't look prim and proper. Give a little attention to how you represent yourself, dress the part.

    -Whining won't take you anywhere

    Occasionally, cribbing about how tough your new job is and how ruthless your boss is a given. But cribbing that why your boss is always targeting you, won't get you. It's about time to start putting things into action and get back in game.

    -Be friendly with your colleagues

    It is always a good thing what your boss wants before she asks. But to know that you would need to know your colleagues who are close to her and who can help you to break the ice with the deadly boss.

    -Never give up

    Toughen up! At the end nobody but only you can help yourself. One of the reasons if your boss is always expecting more from you is because she sees you as someone who is capable of fulfilling the responsibilities and growing as an individual.

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    Sibram Nisonko1621 days ago
    It is a very meaningful idea that tough bosses help us develop. But a employee is also a human being. At the end of the day there should be some opportunity for the employees to receive the milk of human kindness from our superior for whom we sacrifice everything in our life.
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