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    Designer Suneet Verma dresses for comfort, believes clothes can elevate the mood


    Verma shares his lockdown look and how one can boost his/her mood by choosing the right attire.

    Designer Suneet Verma says the lockdown look is all about putting comfort first.
    Do you wear a formal shirt for the Zoom call? But everyone knows you’re at home. Do you dress down? But that looks so unprofessional! According to designer Suneet Verma, it doesn’t really matter. All you need is a good attitude.

    The designer, who recently did a collection for River at Amazon Fashion, says that comfort should be your main aim. Verma shares his lockdown look with us and how we can boost our mood by choosing the right attire.

    My go-to outfit
    I like to dress for comfort, so I wear a lot of kurtas, churidars, athleisure t-shirts and trousers. I look for a lot of comfort. I like clothes that you can wear it to a small soiree, a get together, dress it up and wear it at night with some accessories, they can alter wear at day time so that they don’t feel they are spending an arm and leg on an outfit that is meant for a particular occasion.

    Zoom with a view
    There has been a big discussion around what people wear when they socialise online. Personally, I like to wear a happy attitude with a big smile, and I like to wear the attitude with gratitude because I am healthy and happy. God has kept me safe and I have so much to be grateful for, so that is the only requirement you need in a time like this. If you have a happy disposition and a grateful attitude, you will come out of this stronger and happier.

    Style guide
    Requirement for lockdown clothing should essentially be comfort because I know a lot of people including my colleagues, friends and family who are working longer hours than usual in the lockdown. People tell me they sit at the desk at 9am and do not get up till 9pm in the evening so I think comfort is a very important aspect here. Also, when you are locked down in a small apartment in a city like Bombay, I feel wearing clothes that are cheerful with colorful prints that make you happy are important. Nothing that reminds you of restrictions is also important.

    Bright idea
    I definitely think that clothes can elevate the mood. You can ask any young girl who has a beautiful red dress, any young man who has a perfect pair of jeans or any person who has a favorite sari that they have had for 20 years. So, I believe clothes most certainly elevate the mood, and I feel it is important to be able to wear clothing or collect and invest in clothing that would make you happy and remind you of wonderful days because clothes actually make memories and memories last forever whereas bad memories don’t last long. The pandemic will not last forever, but good memories will, so it is really important to feel motivated to get right clothing and wear during these times as well.

    Personal touch
    People can add flair or panache to their everyday outfit by styling themselves. Now styling doesn’t necessarily mean only outfit, it could be your hair, your makeup, accessories, I think today fashion has become personal and our needs too, we cannot separate the two. I believe the flair must be to your overall personality and appearance.

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