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    Too much of a free bird? Take this quiz and find out what your core spirit is


    Take this quiz to find out if you’re a free spirit.

    Take this quiz to find out if you are letting loose and living life on your own terms.

    A degree from a good college, a steady job with room for growth, a house, a family — if you’re ticking this checklist or aspire to do so, you fit in perfectly with the things that are expected from an adult. If, however, you hope to achieve anything else, well then certain areas of society (or even your friends and family) may consider you a dreamer, out of the ordinary or even to their untrained eye, a little bit foolish.

    We call it being free spirited. However, the 21st century free spirit does not mean sitting in fields with flowers in their hair, it means paying the bills yet choosing to live life on their own terms. Take this quiz to find out if you’re a free spirit.

    At a formal event, your unusual choice of tie is raising a few eyebrows. You…
    a) Make a mental note not to wear it again.
    b) Pull it off and rock the tie-less look.
    c) Keep it on.

    Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group, likes following his heart while picking a tie. (Image: Agencies)

    I like it and it is not offensive, so no big deal. What are your goals for your career?
    a) Make good money so I can buy a good house and retire early.
    b) Save enough money so I can retire peacefully.
    c) Make money so I can plan my next year’s adventure.

    Former SBI Chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya has said, “Once you have set the goal, give your staff the space to get there”. (Image: Agencies)

    What is the longest you have stayed at one job?
    a) 7-10 years and counting.
    b) 3-5 years.
    c) Under two years.

    Kate Bosworth has revealed that she enjoys doing her hair up. (Image: Agencies)

    How many hours a day do you spend on your cell phone?
    a) I even sleep with it beside my pillow.
    b) It’s the first thing I check. I’m a little lost without it.
    c) I often have to ask people to call it since I can’t find it.

    How long does it take for you to style your hair in the morning?
    a) About 15 minutes — I like it to look styled.
    b) Brush and product — about five minutes.
    c) A quick comb and I’m out the door.

    HUL CEO Sanjiv Mehta has been with the organisation for 25 years.

    If someone told you to pack your bags and head on a solo trip for two months — your first reaction would be?
    a) Uh – who’s going to take care of the work?
    b) Sure, but I have to let my family and friends know.
    c) Yes! I’m ready.

    Do people come to you about their complaints about others?
    a) All the time! I try to lend an ear.
    b) Occasionally and I try to be reasonable.
    c) Hardly as my advice is live and let live usually.

    Mostly As
    You’re a traditionalist who looks for comfort in routine. You not only like the balanced goals that society offers you, but have nailed it too. While you don’t go with the flow, people like you because you’re dependable, rational and see things as they are. You’re not a free spirit but spirited nonetheless.

    Mostly Bs
    You’re constantly torn between doing what society expects of you and what you want to do. You play the diplomatic card quite often and don’t like to ruffle feathers. You want to have fun but make sure it’s in measured doses. Life is equally about work and play for you — but make sure you have the reins.

    Mostly Cs
    You’re a free spirit – the idea of being tied down or worse, responsible to someone else is what you dread. You love your own company and have a great sense of adventure. You don’t sweat the small stuff and at the end of the day, do what you think is right. Even if everyone else doesn’t agree.
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