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Coronavirus and stock market: How to make the market crash work for you

Is market entering the bear phase good news for investors? Market experts certainly think so.

One fund manager buys ‘every day’ as market tanks on virus

The fund beat its benchmark in 2019 largely because the U.S. market outperformed India.

Cut out the noise. Now’s the time to add more to your equity SIPs

Investors who have SIPs should not panic and stop their investments.

Big Bull in Bear Hug! Jhunjhunwala stocks hit hard in Stock Market crash

Many of Jhunjhunwala stocks have fallen 20 per cent to 80 per cent from their respective highs.

A US recession? Probably. Depression? Only if the virus is untamed

In the Great Depression for example, the United States shed 20% of its jobs over three years.

Coronavirus and market crash: Why many first-time investors may turn away from equities forever

Covid-19 has eroded the wealth painstakingly built over the past 4-5 years. The bigger danger is that many first-time investors may turn away from equities forever even as a pauperised populace cuts back on consumption.

Tweet Buster: 10-times India’s GDP wiped out; IL&FS-2, 3 in the making & how to win in this crisis

Here's what some of the leading voices of Dalal Street tweeted during the week gone by.

Silver prices today: What influences the rate?

Here are 10 key things you need to know to understand how the white metal moves and what really determines its price behavior.

Not all SMEs will survive the Covid-19 crisis, but what should an economic bailout package look like?

This has been a particularly distressing time for small businesses and SMEs who stare at an uncertain future.

Ridham Desai says bears are not done yet; not the time to go all in

The market needs some trigger about the viral spread stabilising, said Desai.

Coronavirus scare: Should you exit now and enter at lower levels?

Most of us have a narrative similar to this running in our minds at this juncture: Coronavirus is dangerous and it’s spreading across the world; it will have a negative impact on business and economy; sharp fall in oil prices is adding to the worries about global growth.

View: Coronavirus outbreak an opportunity for Modi government to enact bold reforms

India can, and should, exploit this crisis to bring about significant change in its near-term economic policies.

Coronavirus fear tanks Sensex over 1,100 points, Nifty 335

At 9.50 a.m., the BSE Sensex was trading at 38,597.53, lower by 1,148.13 points or 2.89 per cent from the previous close of 39,745.66.

Covid 19: As cities go for lockdown, out of nowhere Zoom has become the video calling app of choice

Zoom has been preparing for this moment since the new coronavirus began spreading in China in January. Even then it was easy to see that Zoom’s primary customer base — videoconferencing desk workers — would become more reliant on its services while quarantined at home.

M&A deals in India get delayed, called off, as virus spreads

Market corrections have erased 10% of India’s m-cap, prompting a re-look at many deals

What made Sensex, Nifty hit lower circuit today? Here are the key factors

All constituents of Nifty and Sensex were trading deep in the red.

World markets plunge deepens as virus panic worsens

MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan fell 2 per cent and is down 12.8 per cent this week.

Coronavirus impact: 5 dos and don'ts to protect your investment portfolio in a bear market

The spread of Covid-19 has mauled the market. Finding yourself in the grips of a bear market will upend any haughty notions you may have about your risk appetite. This story tells you how to contain the damage caused to your investment portfolio.

Premji, Nadar lose nearly $1.5 billion each as markets crash

A recession could make clients of IT services companies cut their technology spends.

If I lose US presidential election, markets will crash: Donald Trump

US President tells India Inc to invest billions and promises to cut more regulation. Some industry leaders in attendance told Trump their companies are investing in the US. Trump responded to every investment commitment with fulsome praise. He also pegged reduction in regulations to his re-election.

Why it makes sense to invest in balanced advantage funds

Balanced advantage funds are dynamically-managed equity mutual funds that typically alter their equity allocation between 30% and 80%, depending on market valuations and usually considering the price-earnings ratio.

Press panic button, or use crash to buy stocks? Tips from top investors

ETMarkets did a round-up of what top experts are saying to make some sense amid all the noise.

Trump warns of epic stock market crash if he isn't re-elected

Trump officially starts his 2020 campaign on Tuesday with a rally in Orlando, Florida.

Budget, RBI policy, Q3 earnings among key factors that may guide D-Street this week

Over 700 companies will announce their financial results for the December quarter this week.

How to make the most out of stock market crash?

Special situations investing is a strategy that one uses to take advantage of certain corporate events that throws up money-making opportunities for short periods, says Gaurav Sud of Kanav Capital Advisors.How to make the most out of stock market crash?

Stock market crash: Investors lose Rs 4 lakh crore in wealth in 5 minutes

Domestic stocks plunged in line with Asian shares which fell up to 5 per cent on Thursday.

Stock market crash: Investors lose Rs 4 lakh crore in wealth in 5 minutes

Domestic stocks plunged in line with Asian shares which fell up to 5 per cent on Thursday.

Could the 1987 stock market crash happen again?

A decline of up to 20 percent in one day is possible today, but it would likely be a more orderly process.

Obama will kill the stock market. No, Trump will. No, Warren will

That’s a lot of certainty to attach to predictions Wall Street has shown no ability to get right in the past.

Stock market crashes in Pakistan after Nawaz Sharif disqualified on Panamagate corruption charges

The KSE100 index tanked 700 points to 45,190 within minutes of the court verdict.

Bank of Japan worried about a stock market crash

The Nikkei stock index is down 21% from its recent peak in June last year, and is down 57% from its all-time peak in 1989.

The man who predicted a market crash in April 2018, says it’s time to search diamond in the trash

"I have never sat on cash in my entire investing career of 30-plus years."

Recent stock market crash: What you should do now

The Sensex hit a 52-week low last week. Find out if this is a short-term market correction or the beginning of a bear phase.

Key consequences of China's stock market crash by Citi research

China's economy is going through a rough patch, and fears things could get worse have been exacerbated by the recent crash of the country's market.

China's stock market crash will make Beijing's biggest challenge even harder

According to Credit Suisse, the stock market crash is becoming an issue for the country's growth, and as a result.

Chinese police find "clues" of $ 3.2 trillion stock market crash

The police probing the stock market crash that wiped about $ 3.2 trillion of capital out of the market today claimed to have found clues.

China cracks down on stock market crash with an iron fist: 5 takeaways

Here are top five reasons why the Chinese stock market made a smart recovery towards the close of today's trade.

China's stock market crash may derail government's economic reforms

The crash has been a bitter pill for the real economy, and will be a huge comedown for policymakers.

Market Movers: What changed for D-Street while you were sleeping

Let’s have a look at the factors that would potentially move markets all through Monday.

Oil: The rollercoaster ride

It began the year at around $66, reached $80 by May, touched the four-year peak of $86 on October 3, and tumbled below $54 last week.

China's top hedge fund manager Xu Xiang held for stock market crash

Xu and several other executives of Zexi were arrested on charges including insider trading and stock market manipulation, the Post quoted official media as reporting.

Do equity mutual funds offer higher returns in election years?

We looked at the annual returns of equity mutual funds since 1999.

Google searches can predict stock market crashes: Study

Applied to data between 2004 and 2012, the method shows that increases in searches for business and politics preceded falls in the stock market.

View: Rising M&As can be a warning sign

Signs of vitality can also signal, however paradoxically, that the economic party may be coming to a close. One such measure of health is the level of merger and acquisition activity, which actually tends to peak just before the economy tips into a recession.

Rupee best performer in Asia since November

Fund flows are likely to resume once the global risk-off sentiment were to subside.

Everyone freaking out about China's stock market crash is missing one thing

The Shanghai Composite Index has fallen 27 per cent in less than a month - a huge drop compared to the 117 per cent gain over the last eight months.

Investors will soon be protected from stock market crashes

Market regulator SEBI is also looking at aligning various routes for making foreign investments into a single route.

Next credit crisis will hit consumers hardest

Nine of the 29 NBER credit events had banking crises.

Diwali gold sales may be same as last year’s

With Dhanteras approaching, traders’ predictions range from flat to as much as 10-20 per cent growth in jewellery sales .

Stock market crash wipes out Rs 1.65 trillion from investor wealth

With the Sensex witnessing its worst fall in two-and- a-half months, the total market capitalisation of BSE listed firms declined by Rs 1.65 lakh crore

View: How Modi 2.0 can achieve $5 trillion goal

Ever since the $5 trillion goal was announced last week, it has set off a healthy debate with Modi calling his critics “professional pessimists”.

October is the most scary month along with others

There are 100 or so Octobers to consider,too small a number to draw hard conclusions

Mnuchin called top US banks in a bid to ensure market stability

“The stock market goes up, the stock market goes down,” Mulvaney said.

P Chidambaram meets top officials as rupee slide, stock market crash continue

Continuing its downward spiral, the BSE Sensex today tanked by 340 points at the close of the trade.

Should I sell my investments in Reliance Growth Fund?

If you have any mutual fund queries, message on ET Mutual Funds on Facebook. We will get it answered by our panel of experts.

Gold up, heads for longest string of weekly gains since Jan

US gold futures were up 0.1 per cent at $1,233.70 an ounce.

What is China's A-share MSCI inclusion?

Its EM index has funds with assets under management in excess of $1.6 trillion benchmarked to it.

Gold rises as falling markets burnish appeal

US gold futures were up 0.2 per cent at $1,225.60 an ounce.

Investors more wary of Donald Trump than of Wall Street

One area in which Trump has maintained relatively decent approval ratings: the economy.

View: Don’t let short-term panic derail long-term reforms

Since the panic is over, the govt should speedily reverse its earlier oil price controls and restore the old excise duty

Governance cloud over Sun Pharma, stock at 6-month low

A Sun spokesperson also added that some of the information presented is more than 10-15 years old.

Somaiya seeks probe into stock market crash

BJP leader and founder of Investor’s Forum, Kirit Somaiya, has demanded a comprehensive probe into the stock market crash, role of the regulators and the finance ministry.

Shanghai stocks post worst day in 2 years, more companies suspend shares

The Shanghai Composite Index slumped 3.4 per cent to 3,370.65 points.

Inflation is not a guaranteed portfolio wrecker, stocks have weathered it all

According to lore, a surge in inflation would lift interest rates, causing bond prices to decline and thereby wrecking bond portfolios.

Tata Steel, Titan, Godrej among 51 stocks ready to rally, shows MACD

When the MACD crosses above the signal line, it gives a bullish signal on the charts.

Expect roadblocks, but just chug along: Amit Jain, CarDekho

"We never spent a single marketing dollar until 2014 when Sequoia Capital invested in us. That was the first time we started spending on marketing."

India's economic vision and forceful assertion are critical after US downgrade leading to global stock market crash

Exchange rates are becoming a weapon of choice, leading to "currency wars". China, for instance, has benefited greatly from an undervalued yuan.

Lakshmi Mittal, Carlos Slim lose $10 billion in a week due to the global stock market crash

Commodities trader Ivan Glasenberg, head of Glencore International also suffered reverses. He lost £788 million as his share price fell sharply by 13.2%.

What we are reading: For week ending July 14, 2017

We will help bring to your notice some truly interesting articles/blogs/videos in the realm of personal finance from across the globe.

How young Prithvi Shaw brought home the essential joy of sport

There are more stories on corruption in sports, more column inches spent on the magnitude of television rights deals

Sensex rallies 347 pts after seesaw trade; Nifty50 tops 11,050

Volatility index India VIX eased 5.30 per cent on Tuesday to 16.5025.

Market crash of 1929: Some facts of the economic downturn

In 1930, 12 million people were out of work, every day 12,000 people lost their jobs, 20,000 companies went bankrupt and around 23,000 people committed suicide.

This investor proves average IQ, zero finance background, too, can make you click in stock market

Investing is a test of patience and perseverance, he reels off more such must-haves.

It's that time of the year! How Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spielberg are losing big bucks

There’s never a bad time to have a lot of money, except maybe for the last few weeks.

PMS cloners drown in the small-cap meltdown

As investors assess their battered portfolios, there is a sense of shock and helplessness.

Donald Trump says: "The only problem our economy has is the Fed"

"The only problem our economy has is the Fed. They don't have a feel for the market," Trump said on Twitter.

FM says Rs 12,000-cr relief for salaried class, senior citizens in Budget

Observing that India has missed the tag of fastest growing economy by 0.1 per cent, Jaitley said, that as per the IMF, India will again become the fastest growing economy.

Was rupee relatively stable despite global turmoil?

During the day’s trading, the rupee dipped as low as 64.40 as the local stock market tanked, mirroring global weakness.

This billionaire has put half his net worth into gold

He said in an interview that he believes gold prices will rally further.

How Indian equity investors are reacting to current stock market volatility

Instead of panicking, Indian investors are taking advantage of the market dip and investing in stocks and funds.

Conservative investors bet big on dynamic asset allocation schemes

The assets under management (AUM) of this category have risen sharply in the past one year.

These 20 stocks surged up to 211% since demonetisation lows; Do you own any?

The list includes Bharatiya Global Infomedia, which has soared 211% till date. Shares of the company jumped from Rs 5.06 on Nov 21 to Rs 15.76 on Jan 17.

As market cracks, D-Street veterans say we saw it coming

Nilesh Shah, Managing Director of Kotak Mutual Fund, said Indian households had more money in cash than in equity market (excluding promoters).

Mobius heads into retirement touting fresh emerging stock highs

Mobius is set to step down in less than a week but this won’t be the last of him as an investor.

After Market: Overbought stocks, big rupee crash & key Sensex movers

Reliance, HDFC twins, SBI, YES Bank and Axis Bank were the top contributors in Sensex's decline.

Mark Mobius, emerging-market guru, to retire after 30 years

After accepting job offer in 1987, Mobius headed one of the first emerging-market equity fund.

China's market crash is reversing the most important thing the government has been trying to do in decades

Unfortunately, in the market crash the country has been experiencing since June 12, consumers are getting absolutely crushed.

Can Chinese market really change? Only time will tell

Offshore-traded Chinese companies already comprise a large chunk of MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

Markets are dead: US Treasuries lowest in August for 10 years

Deutsche Bank Analyst Jim Reid, who puts out a daily note on the markets for clients, is having a tough time coming to terms with the lack of movement.

Over 20 million small investors fled China stock market after crash

Some 24 mn small investors in China or nearly one-third of the investors in the country's stock market fled the turbulent market after the recent crash that wiped about $3.2 trillion of capital, a government agency said.

A look at Apple and other m-cap meltdowns

Apple's $ 280 billion dollar m-cap loss recently is the world’s third largest for private companies. ET takes a look at blue chips.

How to secure your portfolio against a sharp fall in stock market

Portfolio insurance is an investment hedging strategy that can help you avoid losses—or cut them—if the market falls.

Here's why analysts believe corrections may spell buying opportunity

Earnings may take a while to recover but analysts believe further corrections may spell buying opportunity, reports ET.

Probability of market crash is ‘as high as it’s ever been’: Jesse Felder

In an interview with Real Vision TV, Felder expresses his concern that the lack of volatility will inevitably create more volatility, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Apple's recent $280bn loss and other market capitalisation meltdowns

ET takes a look at blue chips in India and around the world that have been badly bruised by the markets.

China regulator to punish those involved in market manipulation

China's securities regulator today said it will punish those involved in 12 cases of market manipulation, with fines totalling $315 million.

China’s financial status looks like Wall Street before crash: Jim Chanos, founder of Kynikos Associates

That’s what happening in China now, according to Chanos. Banks are financing uneconomic projects and/or losses with debt carried on China’s bank balance sheets.

Thirty years ago this week, Wall Street slid into the abyss

The reason was the stock market crash known as "Black Monday" on October 19, 1987.

50% more HNIs left India in 2016 versus previous year

The report pointed out that around 82,000 HNI’s, defined as those who have assets over $1 million, left their home countries last year, versus 64,000 in 2015.

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