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Facebook updates can reflect your personality traits

Psychologists surveyed Facebook users to examine the personality traits and motives that influence the topics they choose to write about in their status updates.

Facebook prohibits weapon accessory ads to users under 18: Report

Facebook announced this policy amidst a nationwide debate over gun reform in US after mass shootings in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe and Texas.

Define 'incel': Men who blame society for their inability to find a partner

Incel is an involuntary celibate who feels owed a sexual or romantic relationship.

Feeling lonely and depressed? Your Facebook posts can predict mental health status

Words like 'tears', 'feelings', 'I' and 'me' indicate loneliness and hostility.

No contradiction in being pro-biz, pro-poor: Arun Jaitley's Facebook update

Jaitley today changed the cover photo on his FB profile and added a new slogan saying there is no contradiction between being "pro-business and pro-poor".

A step-by-step guide on how not to share your WhatsApp data with Facebook

In the blog post, the company said that it will explore ways for businesses to send messages using its platform over the next several months.

Belief shapes our behaviour

When we see behaviour we can decode the underlying belief. However, the opposite is not true. We cannot change people’s beliefs by forcing them to behave in a particular way.

Banned outfits in Pakistan operate openly on Facebook: Report

The names of all banned outfits - including acronyms and small variations in spelling - were searched on Facebook to find pages, groups, and user profiles.

Celebs drive off luxury cars at 60 per cent discount

Sometimes a big celebrity may, on his or her own, directly connect with the car company to get the best deal/discount on the model/brand of their choice.

Smart watch projects time, texts, tweets on hand!

A smart watch which projects the time onto your hand and may even be able to show texts, Facebook updates and tweets is being developed.

Facebook, WhatsApp spell doom for relationships

The fact that Facebook has minute by minute updates of everything we do, is landing these couples in soup.

Technology has changed the way we deal with money & the brands that manage it

The question no longer is if mobile payment wallets are a threat to banks. Now we must ask what’s the banking industry doing to fight back.

Do you upload inspirational quotes on Facebook? Here's what it says about you

The level of a person's intelligence can be gauged from his/her Facebook updates.

Soon, you can compose Facebook posts in multiple languages

Anyone in the test group can enable the multilingual composer by going to the Language section.

Twitter becomes most preferred choice for social media interactions for IPL this season

According to Bengaluru-based social media agency, Simplify360, IPL 8 has had about 89% of mentions on Twitter alone.

Facebook rolls out Mentions app for verified accounts

Journalists can now share a lot more information on Facebook, as the Mentions app allows them to post to their public followers and not just to their friends.

Want more 'likes' on Facebook? Click farms can get you thousands of it at just $2

Business for such click farms is booming, with clientele ranging from singers and movie stars to startups, struggling publications and even political parties.

Has your phone's battery drained out again? This software can help you!

A new software that can significantly reduce the battery drainage in smartphones by suppressing apps that run in the background.

How to bequeath your Gmail, Facebook, other digital accounts to your family, heirs

Here's how you can bequeath your digital accounts, documents to family, friends and ensure that your digital content is handled exactly the way you want.

IPL T20 season kicks off with its popular fantasy league game

The digital version of the T20 cricket that debuted last year saw participation from about 550,000 players from across the globe.

How to post on Google+ & Facebook simultaneously

A simpler way is to use the Circles feature on Google+. First, go to www.facebook.com/mobile, login to your account and on the right side of the page you will see an option to ‘upload via email’ .

How a 2012 police encounter unleashed a gang war in Punjab and culminated in the Nabha jailbreak

While Nabha Jail has a sanctioned strength of 197 personnel, only 71 are said to be in place.

Facebook turns your Android into social phone with Home OS

Facebook on Thursday announced Home, an "operating system" like app that would convert Android phones into a 'Facebook phone'.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices go on sale

Smart phones running Microsoft Corp's new software are now available for AT&T Inc and T-Mobile USA customers.

How technology has changed the way people travel

Here are some of the most obvious but significant and peculiar disruptors.

Overhauled Yahoo! email makes it debut

An overhauled version of Yahoo! Mail was rolled out late Tuesday as the pioneering Internet firm sought to better integrate trends such as social networking.

Carmakers tout audio facebook as US seeks texting curb

Audible Facebook updates and steering-wheel controls that let drivers buy movie tickets and check stock prices went on display at CES, 2012.

Internet is addictive, just like a slot machine: David Greenfield

With growth of smart phones, tablets and a range of gadgets, people are now waking up to the side effects of always-on 24x7 connected world.

No discipline inside Kerala jails? Many inmates have easy access to mobile phones

The revelations snowballed into a major political controversy because these prisoners are accused of killing RMP leader TP Chandrasekharan.

Advice the Congress is likely to ignore

Rahul Gandhi. What has he done? What does he want to do? What does he think? Do Indians have a right to know or not?

How to make a flawless office presentation

Do you get clammy hands and cold feet at the thought of making an office presentation? Here are the other things you can focus on to make a flawless presentation.

More than 6,000 Jackson comments per minute on Facebook

Facebook users were at times firing off 6,000 comments per minute as they watched Michael Jackson's memorial online.

ET Review: Motorola Defy

The Motorola Defy looks more than presentable. At 13.4 mm, it is not pencil thin, but neither is it bulky.

The Empire Strikes Back

The new HTC HD7 sees HTC repeat the large display formula of the HD2, only this time with Windows Phone 7 running under the hood.

Facebook begins rolling out revamped home page

Top online social-networking service Facebook on Wednesday began rolling out a revamped home page that emphasizes fresh news.

Apple wants its iPhone back

A 27-year-old Apple software engineer has been outed as the unfortunate employee of the notoriously secretive company who left behind an iPhone prototype in a California beer garden.

Power at click of mouse: The best of both worlds

There are 2 worlds people look to the net to deliver—'my world' & 'the world'. The key to simplifying the Web lies at the intersection of the two.

Gen Y shuns e-mail, becomes e-social

More young ones use more of FB & Twitter and don't think much of mails.

Yahoo! 3Q net profit doubles but revenue disappoints

Yahoo said third-quarter net profit soared to 396.1 mn dollars from 186 mn dollars a year ago while revenue rose two percent to 1.6 bn dollars.

Reaching out to GenNext: Head honchos learn to use social networking sites

CEOs are learning the language of the youth much faster. The sites are also giving them a platform to get their ideas across to their teams — in a less formal way.

Yahoo to upgrade e-mail, search results and get 'more social'

Yahoo! said it was changing its style to be more iterative, upgrading and evolving Web pages.

Add extra hardware to smarten up your TV with Internet features

ET shows you how you can smarten up your existing TV with Internet features by just plugging in some extra hardware rather than laying out the cash on a new one.

With consumers shifting to laptops, tablets, can marketers still rely on TV commercials

With the economy nose-diving and marketing budgets crunched, the pricey commercial on TV may no longer be the answer to all troubles

Star activity of 2010: Logging into Twitter and Facebook

Social networking via Twitter and Facebook has been the star activity of 2010 for India’s aam enabled-aadmi.

Sunday ET: Job market: Now your employer may well be playing big brother on social media

A deep-dive into a person’s social-media profile is not always profitable, points out Surabhi Gandhi, co-founder of recruitment firm Teamlease Services.

Bal Thackeray: Iconoclast turned restrictive iconographer of Marathi pride

If Pakistan was a nation Jinnah created on a typewriter, the Shiv Sena was a political party Thackeray created on the strength of sketched pictures and printed words.

The Great Down-aging Syndrome: Why 40 is the new 20

Today's 40- and 50-year-olds are shedding years - and old inhibitions - in a quest to look, feel and think young. As the Great Down-aging Syndrome spreads across urban India, Brand Equity looks at the challenges of marketing to consumers who see age as just a number

AAP's landslide victory in Delhi: ET examines the party's future prospects in 10 states

To bring you a sense of where AAP stands outside Delhi, here is a look at 10 states and examines how close — or far — it is to fighting an election.

Check out the lazy Indian's guide to good life

God bless entrepreneurship. Now you don’t have to move out of the house. You can do your grocery shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping and even intimates without moving away from your recliner.

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