Trump announces plan to ground all Boeing 737 MAX planes


    The move comes after intense international and political pressure following the deadly Ethiopian plane crash.

    ET Bureau
    WASHINGTON:After almost all countries across the world banned it, the US also banned the Boeing 737 MAX - the aircraft was involved in two deadly crash in the past five months.

    US ban followed Canada’s ban of the aircraft as a precaution post the Ethiopian crash on Sunday. Almost all major countries in the world banned the aircraft by the end on Wednesday leaving US and Canada.

    India banned the aircraft late night on Tuesday after the UK, Germany and France banned it post the EASA advisory.

    SpiceJet and Jet Airways are the two airlines in the country, which has Boeing 737 MAX in its fleet. While Jet Airways’ five such aircraft in its fleet is grounded due to non-payment of lease rentals to leasing companies along with 45 others SpiceJet’s 12 aircraft have been grounded after the ban leading to 14 flight cancellations today.

    SpiceJet is also set to cancel 35 more flights on Thursday.
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    Rajesh Shetty561 days ago
    We have already seen autonomous cars claiming 2 lives in tests. My strong feeling is that the s/w written for this has not taken into account practical aspects of a flight, rather it just assumed ideal parameters. We have already 3 cases, first is the France flight, 2nd Lion, 3rd Ethiopian airlines. In most of these cases nothing was wrong with the plane at all. French flight - it hit a cloud pocket with ice crystals. Then the speed readings showed lower levels due to ice formation on the sensors raising a plane stall warning. Then a young pilot took some wrong decisions due to inexperience. Something similar and even worse happened in Lion. Here the plane itself took a decision to point the nose down due to faulty readings. It is here that the coding plays an important role. Either the code should prompt the pilot if he wants to really point the nose down. Else even if computers take a decision to do so, it can''t be programmed in such a way that several nose-down happens in quick succession, in a matter of a few minutes. That would surely direct the plane closer to the ground and result in a crash. If the plane is flying well, mere external readings(which could be altered due to bird hits or ice formation) should not be the reason for taking actions, without the pilot being involved. One of the first autonomous feature ''fly-by-wire'' in an Airbus, back in 90s made the plane land before the runway and hit a compound wall in Blore, and killed about 75 people.
    Ruchir Goyal561 days ago
    Mass hysteria and mass stupidity at very best... Herd mentality... Just following each other without applying brains...
    Ramendra Nath Ray561 days ago
    Safety And Security Of The Passenger Is The First And Foremost And Business Followed That
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