Retired HC Judge to probe killing of 8 policemen and Vikas Dubey ‘encounter’


    Govt said the killing of eight policemen by Dubey, the subsequent gunning down of his aides by the police and Dubey’s “encounter” were matters of importance and hence require investigation.

    Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra too had demanded a judicial probe by a sitting SC judge.
    Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government announced on Sunday that it has constituted a single-member inquiry commission, under retired Allahabad High Court judge Shashi Kant Agarwal, to probe the killing of eight policemen by Vikas Dubey and to look into his alleged encounter.

    The government said the killing of eight policemen by Dubey, the subsequent gunning down of his aides by the police and Dubey’s “encounter” on July 10 were matters that had assumed importance and hence demanded an investigation.

    Therefore, all developments starting from July 2 midnight when the attack on the police took place, followed by the encounters on Dubey’s aides –– five have been killed so far –– leading to Dubey's death last Friday, will be probed.

    The commission’s headquarters will be in Kanpur and it is expected to complete its probe within two months after being notified by the government.

    The announcement of an independent commission comes a day after the government had also announced a special investigation team (SIT) to look into multiple aspects related to Dubey’s criminal records, his links with policemen, laxity observed in dealing with him in the past, etc.
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    Ravindran Subramanyam72 days ago
    Is the UP government having an excess of tax payers money to squander away in such meaningless exercise like a retired judge to preside over an enquiry commission? The retired judge will take his own sweet time to finalise the report after umpteen extensions like the Sri Krishna commission report on the Mumbai serial blasts in 1993. Till now it is not known how so much plastic explosives were smuggled into Mumbai and who was responsible for this horrendous intelligence failure. Ideally the NIA / SIT appointed by Ministry of home affairs should be asked to investigate as to who was responsible for leaking about the raid to Vikas Dubey in which 8 policemen were martyred. The investigation should be strictly completed within 3 months and the report put in public domain to shut up the ever speculating main stream media and opposition politicians.
    Ravindran Subramanyam72 days ago
    Why so much fuss is being created by the presstitutic main stream media regarding the encounter death of a dreaded gangster Vikas Dubey and his henchmen? Scumbags like Vikas Dubey is a cop killer and murderer of his school headmaster and don't deserve any mercy. For the human rights groups and the Lutyens elite and Khan market gang it has become a fashion to glorify terrorists like Burhan Vani, doubt the surgical strikes and extoll the virtues of a dreaded gangster like Vikas Dubey. What do they expect the UP policemen to do - wear saree and bangles and perform aarthi to Vikas Dubey welcoming him back to UP and feed him with sweets and biriyani? The UP policemen rightly avenged the death of 8 of their colleagues and eliminated Vikas Dubey and his 5 henchmen. The UP government got rid of a deadly menace to the society by such encounters. Why did the media keep quiet when under the watch of commissioner of Mumbai police Julio Rebeiro a few dozen dangerous Mumbai underworld gangsters were gun down and even glorified as a film - " ab thak chappan"!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jagdip Vaishnav72 days ago
    People of India appeal UP Govt, please initiate probe under Hon'ble court super vision.Do not entrust probe to any local Agency
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