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View: PM with the silver bullet style

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Author view is the reality. People are afraid to talk against govt failures. All want to be yes guys. Or else govt send CBI and ED behind you. Freedom of expression is an illusion. Dramas are going on.

Do not forget 1974, when freedom expression was crushed By Indira Gandhi putting whole of her opponents in Jail. That is not the situation at present.

This man is hurt by the problems faced by Kashmiris due to the shutdown of Internet and mobile. But is unaware of the suffering of the Sikhs and Hindus, who were expelled from Kashmir 30 years ago and made homeless in their own country. He is worried about the future happening due to the abolition of Article 370. But is not at all sad about the loss that India has suffered due to implementation of this section, which has been in force for 70 years.

Oh! such a brilliant author sitting in Anerica understands and analyses so nicely...but good that such worthless writers are not in India otherwise another corrupted communist or congress writer would have got chance to earn his livelihood in India...but he is paying tribute to his ex-masters.. problem is such kind of people think that they only understands everything and they are so well connected with media houses that their views will only be published. If you criticise them you will be holding their freedom of speech. Unfortunate but such corrupted journalists and media houses are true to every country...

PL Sarkar (Delhi) replies to Ranjan De Sarkar

yes true. We instead have g0bar brain bhakts who believe in whatever propaganda is thrown at them.

Author has mentioned Demonitisation as a Failed and foolish move that is not at all right. That is the correct and only step to get hold of black money, corruption in high places, Pak printed currency, money laundering and hawala. Only because of that Govt was able to put down inflation and price rise.

goel (Delhi) replies to Rajagopalan Renganathan

Since when did people of my country become so foolish ? Mr Rajagopalan, why don''t you burn your house ? Perhaps the pests and rats inside will die in the fire. Also, if roots of corruption were deep as you say, they should have been taken into account before unleashing this extreme stupidity. The fact that bank employees will act as agents to convert money would have become obvious if the issue was even thought through. That is called planning. It was a gimmick or stunt at the cost of people''s livelihoods and economy, done to f00l people like you into believing that something big is being done, and thus getting your votes.

Sorry Mr Goel you are so obsessed with Modi that you only have to correct yourselves. If our country has to prosper dominance of black money in economy has to be curtailed continuously.


I think the author is resident of US. So he couldn''t properly understand the ground reality of India. Lets come on demonetization. Perhaps, it was the right decision taken on wrong time. Otherwise, it could be a game changer. But the problem is the roots of corruption which are so deep in our banking system. We need to regulate it with very strict norms. Second, lets come to Kashmir. Now, the problem was that article 370 was made the identity of the state, which is the biggest mistake. The main identity of anyone should be INDIAN, not Gujarati or Kashmiri. Yes, everyone has right to conserve their culture. But the identity should not be changed. Whether there is talk about the closer of markets in J&K, still the residents are scaring of the local militant groups and their threat. That''s why the security forces are present. The same thing for identity can be applied in case of Hindi. No one is forced to speak Hindi in any state of India. Everyone has right to conserve their mother tongue and their culture. But our main identity, national language is Hindi. When we go outside of India, we are not telling that I am Gujarati, but we are telling that we are from India. That''s the point which we should understand.

DD Sharma (Delhi) replies to Karan Hariyani

I see only excuses to cover up for your illiterate god and deflect blame for these huge disasters.


All authors in reputed news papers are also politically biased. There are some decisions which takes decades to get fruits for better or worse. Ex. Nehrus stand on Kashmir. The worst effects of that decisions were visible after eightees and ninetees. It was a stratigic blunder. Demo was done in 2016. So my dear wait for 5 years at least before talking about effects. Already we see big political leaders getting exposed and some in jail.

Author wrote a precise article. Telling what PM Modi is. Congress should read the article and take few points in consideration

Taking bold decisions is better than taking no decision at all. At least we should try out something instead of keep talking and doing politics.

charu (Delhi) replies to GOVINDARAJ SAMYAPPAN

Bold decisions would also be ending nonsense perks of MPs and MLAs, bringing political parties under tax scrutiny or RTI (but RTI is dead already), making crime agencies autonomous instead of using them as personal henchmen. Stup!d bh@kts like you are doing more harm to India than Pakistan or China could even dream of. Every single so called reform of Modi has been a stunt mainly designed to ''shock & awe'' or to create lots of buzz, and hence deliver more votes. There has been zero benefits of demonetization, GST or 370 move so far. But everyone is talking about it at all times. Marketing 101 -- there is nothing such as bad publicity.

Stupid people like you may not have got any benefits from all bold decisions but crores of people have got...if you have problem with that you are free to take your the by can we know what is your contribution to at least in community service, tax payment and nation building...first put that on table and then criticise govt. Otherwise we will treat you as daily wage earner of a political party...

PK Singh (Delhi) replies to Ranjan De Sarkar

What nonsense ??? Till a month back, this govt did not even acknowledge slowdown and increased many taxes on FPI & rich, then you bh@kts were defending them. Now they withrew those and gave such a huge corporate tax bonanza to corporates ? Why eating own spit ? But bk@kts like you still defending them. Is this the way such a large economy is run ? by weekly budgets and changing tax rates on whims ?? One this is clear. You guys either have pure g0bar in your brians or are paid Rs 5 from BJP IT cell. Either case, you guys are very harmful for the nation.

For long term issues which India has faced, hard decisions have to be taken and it can''t be allowed to fester for long. Manage the outcomes, so what?... rather than sit on it and go about doing nothing in running India. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a hard decision, which brought WW2 to an end.


Demonetization has given data of money deposited, and income tax is taking action on it or they earning to clear cases. Kashmir step was in agenda of bjp and well known. If any wrong steps taken by kashmiri people will be a practising ground for military

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