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Day 12 of lockdown, govt gives insight on Covid, Jamaat impact

There has been a lag in the Union Health Ministry figures, compared to the numbers announced by different states.


05 April, 2020, 10:55 PM IST



SpaceX plans first manned flight to space station in May

In March, Musk's Crew Dragon capsule made a round trip to the ISS, which is in orbit more than 250 miles (400 kilometers) above Earth, with a mannequin on board, before returning to the Atlantic after six days in space. Since the last US space shuttle mission in 2011, after 30 years of service, only the Russians have been going back and forth to the ISS.

  • The 10-day long space voyage would take place sometime around the end of 2021, reported The Verge. The tourists will be shot into orbit in a Crew Dragon space capsule sitting atop a Falcon 9 launch vehicle. Although private tourists have already spent time aboard the ISS, this would be the first time that such a trip is being fully organised by private companies.

    Chandrayaan-II hard-landed on lunar surface last year. The Indian Space Research Organisation had then resolved to launch the project again. It had said the project is likely to be launched by the end of the year. Four biological and two physical science experiments related to microgravity from academic institutions are short-listed for this mission.

    A prototype for SpaceX's Starship super-rocket appeared to burst during a pressure test on its pad at the companys South Texas facility.As per report, Starship SN1 is a test article for SpaceX's planned Starship and Super Heavy megarocket, designed to fly deep-space missions to the moon, Mars and beyond.

    The Indian Space Research Organisation said the “revised launch date will be informed in due course” without disclosing specific details on the technical reasons or glitches. ISRO had planned to launch the earth observation satellite on March 05. ​​The satellite was one of the key launches planned by the country’s space agency for this year.

    "The launch of GISAT-1 onboard GSLV-F10, planned for March 05, 2020, is postponed due to technical reasons. Revised launch date will be informed in due course," ISRO said in a statement.

    ISRO has earmarked $1,600 million for launch vehicles, of which $870 million will be for PSLV and the remaining for Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, he revealed. ISRO has planned some 500 Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle launches in the next five years. The Government Owned Contractor Operated (GOCO) model is picking up very well in the space and defence sectors.

    Astronomers have discovered 17 new planets, including a potentially habitable Earth-sized world, by combing through data gathered by NASA's Kepler space telescope which was launched in 2009, and retired in October 2018.

    The country has an opportunity to integrate medium-sized satellites, Pavuluri said, because they are designed to last for over five years and companies invest huge sums in building them.

    A team led by an Indian-origin scientist Saurabh Bagchi, a professor at Purdue University and an IIT, Kharagpur alumni has developed a new 'streaming' software that can reduce the space taken up by apps on a smartphone by at least 85 per cent. The software, Appstreamer seamlessly shuffles data between an app and a cloud server without stalling the game.

    India’s plan to work on human moon mission comes at a time when there is revival of interest globally for a return landing of a human on earth’s satellite. US space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration expects to return to the moon with a man-woman team in 2024.

    Solar Orbiter _ a boxy 4,000-pound (1,800-kilogram) spacecraft with spindly instrument booms and antennas _ will swing past Venus in December and again next year, and then past Earth, using the planets' gravity to alter its path. Full science operations will begin in late 2021, with the first close solar encounter in 2022 and more every six months.

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