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    Wealth management during crisis

    How small businesses are adapting to survive the coronavirus crisis

    The innovation and creativity of small entrepreneurs offers an interesting case. There was a time when every small business would set for itself the target of when to seek venture funding, when to go public, and how to scale up and become large. These may not be the default goals after this crisis. There may be renewed respect for remaining small, local and niche.

    For career success, complement writing skills with this secret sauce

    Surely not letters, but enough written material goes around in the life of a professional. If you are employed, self or otherwise, you must be spending a good portion of your time putting

    5 ways you can make it easy for job recruiters to reject you

    Wondering why you didn't make it to that company you applied to that one time? Among the many reasons that could have caused this, one could be you not having found favour with the hiring

    A 13-year head start: Lessons learnt from a company that started WFH more than a decade ago

    "We see an increased effort to make rules and stick to the discipline of work hours, breaks, and completion of tasks to deadline. Many homes now have designated work areas where members are able to work undisturbed. This experiment is a worthy one."

    Dos and don'ts of interacting with recruiters when hunting for job

    Dos and don'ts of interacting with recruiters when hunting for job

    If you have been approached by a recruiter for a job interview or you have decided to avail the services of one, there are certain dos and don'ts th

    EPF contribution at 10% likely to push up your take home by only 1-2%

    As per the analysis, a 4% gross increase of basic wages due to reduction in EPF contribution to 10% for both employers and employees for May, June and July 2020 may not make a material difference to an employee.

    Do you know how much you are paying to get paid?

    As an employee, you are not just contributing hours into months of hard work, time and energy. Those are unquantifiable measures. But delve deeper and you will see that you can actually me

    Write your success story: How strong writing contributes to your career

    Writing is a skill. You are the craftsman continuously improving upon your current level of mastery and thus increasing your professional effectiveness and income. Here's how you can constantly upgrade your writing skills for professional success.

    Don’t forward work emails to a personal a/c, separate work & life: Centre

    “Create a separate user profile with minimal privileges for work-only use. Close all work-related windows, applications, files, and documents when not in use. Do not use work email addresses to sign up for unauthorised, free tools. Grant access to your employees to corporate network only though a company-approved VPN with multi-factor authentication,” the advisory states.

    Future of work: What to expect after coronavirus crisis blows over

    Future of work: What to expect after coronavirus crisis blows over

    Factors will determine if your job profile will evolve. However, don’t expect a change where the business-efficient alternative is to replace you to

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