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| 11 August, 2020, 10:08 PM IST | E-Paper


    Wealth management during crisis

    Can a financial planner help you in the current covid crisis?

    Surveys show that investors have evolved and become open to the idea of hiring a financial planner. However, there still remains a lot of reluctance among investors to hire advisors. Sadly

    Does my daughter have a right to my property while I am alive?

    If the daughter is able bodied, sound of mind and a major, then she does not have any right over the parent's self-acquired property till the time the latter is alive. The parent can bequeath the property to anyone, including son, by preparing a will.

    Money & Relationships: What may go wrong when you buy property, take home loan jointly with sibling

    While there are shared benefits in taking a joint home loan, the siblings should also be careful of the liabilities and other drawbacks. Go through all the likely possibilities before signing on your sibling in this personal finance arrangement.

    Why we love to tell stories of our investing success and not about losses, missed opportunities

    We do not talk about losses. Or about missed opportunities. That telecom stock that we bought with great pride, and resolved to sell when it doubled, is now languishing in the demat account in a sorry single digit number. We are not likely to tell that story.

    Coronavirus impact: Why the idea of diversification is looking like the old bridge on river Choluteca

    Coronavirus impact: Why the idea of diversification is looking like the old bridge on river Choluteca

    Don’t say or think that the markets are fine. That’s an illusion. As corporate results are coming in, one can see companies whose sales have halved

    Should you plan a vacation now? The answers to these 5 questions will help you decide

    Most people are craving a holiday particularly because Covid put paid to their summer vacation plans, but there is a lingering doubt about the feasibility of such plans. Should you start travelling? Read this before you pack your bags for the next vacation.

    Your 9-point checklist for a covid-free holiday

    Although precautions are being taken by hotels & airlines, if you decide to travel or go on vacation, it is on you to be as cautious and careful as you can be. For a Covid-free holiday, do not forget these crucial points while planning.

    How a male's assets are divided under the Hindu Succession Act after his death

    The assets of a Hindu Male are divided among the legal heirs as per the Hindu Succession Act if there is no will after his death. Read on to find out who is considered as legal heirs of a Hindu male and why not all the legal heirs have equal right on the assets of the Hindu Male.

    Family finance: Khatri needs to increase his income to meet money goals

    ​​After considering household expenses, loan EMI, child’s education cost and insurance premium, he is left with a surplus of Rs 167, which is too less to start any investment. His goals include building an emergency corpus, saving for his child’s education and his retirement.

    Personal finance myths: Estate planning is for HNIs only

    Personal finance myths: Estate planning is for HNIs only

    Let's take the example of A. 42 years old, A is the head of the family. He has a life insurance policy and has managed to create a diversified portfolio comprising of assets and investment

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