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New ITR forms make it difficult to evade tax on HRA: Here's why

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UnethicalImmoralCBDT (c)

WHAT A Mess we are in. India is the only country where a mere 1.5% of the population pay income tax and almost 95% if the collections go to pay salary and pension for the department ataff! MOST UNETHICAL. IMMORAL, IRRESPONSIBLE. We have a good solution but bureaucrats will never do that because they lose 7,50,000 crores of cash bribe each year. That solution is simple: terminate 95%of IT department staff and force them to go and work as house maids / constrution labour /janitor - where at least they have the dignity of EARNUNG their own food with hard work. Scrap lakhs of pages of IT related laws. Make just 1 page law. Every one between the age of 21 and 65 - able bodied and sound mind - must pay MINIMUM ALTERNATE income tax based on simple rules: Automobile owners (40 crores of them) Rs.7500 p.a. for 2 wheelers. Ts.25,000 p.a for fiur wheelers. Owners of residnetial property Rs.5000 minimum p.a. Buyers of jewellery - unless there i a proof of having paid Rs.5000 MAT, gold shops should not sell Golf. ANd if they dim owner must be beheaded. Same is true for smart phones, Air-conditioners, fridge, and such high end house hold electronics. This is MAT. But any one earning - be it doctors, hospitals, builders, architects, auditors, SMEs, Kirana stores, caterers, whatever should pay a minimum of 5% of their income and those who cheat will be beheaded. PEOPLE WILL COMPLY. No exemptions. No interpretations. No judicial trials. LAW IS SO SIMPLE, every body understands.

The Government must merge HRA and other perquisites into the standard allowance and increase this to Rs 1 lac - this will make return filing very easy - and also give employees relief on tax front too -

senthil mettupalayam (METTUPALAYAM)



Salaried 4 cr, can influence their family members that comrs 16 crore


The worst govt on this earth

Rs.50000 rent per month or per year ? Please clarify.

Egg Head (DELHI)

I get rental income for my only house via Cheque from my tenant. He has my PA Number. I get 30% exemption in rental income received by me from the tenant & my return is hassle free. I am a senior citizen & ITR1 Sahaj is what I file. No problems filing Income Tax Return for 2 decades. Acknowledgement is prompt & refund comes in less than 3 months.


High time, BJP Govt shows some real concern for salaried class by giving generous tax concession as reward for mostly honest taxpayers to retain power during next election.

tammy (Delhi) replies to Pradip Nawathe

You mean governement should allow Tax evasion?

It will be expected that TDS information are updated by respective authority by May end. Else it will be difficult for many to file proper return within due date. Filing with provisional data and going for revised return will but enjoy IT authority.


This govt is good in screwing the middle class and honest tax payer

Change as such a the ONLY Constant in Life of any Humans of the Country BUT Salaried Class as such always been the Backbone of all Tax recoveries and Business Class and others who have found their Names on the List of the Richie Rich seems to have been left out as NONE of the Salaried Class have found their way to these Lists of Fortune EVER


IT officers are targeting BJP supporters till now that is salaried class. It seems that IT OFFICERS is Hell Bent on Outing Modi govt with such ridiculous and harassing ideas.

BlooddSuckingCBDT (c)

Though man made laws mawe them dignified, TAX department staff from Nature''s ethical, moral perspectives are thieves, criminals and parasite blood suckers . Instead of looking at the whole picture of number of residences in India and checking out will merely harass who are already paying tax on house rent. MOST STUPID IDOTIC SELF ENTITLED THIEVES THESE PEOPLE ARE. On one side we have enough data- All corporations and municipalities have property tax records. AAdhar / PAN / Passport/ Voter-Id / Ration cards / driving license / bank accounts / gas subsidy registry have addresses. There are 40 crore automobile owners and 66 c automobiles. All practicing doctors, architects, auditors, builders, hospitals, shops have addresses. They at least6 have 3rd party insurance. On another side we have technology. It is so easy to link and find out who are tax dodgers. Those who have been cheating paying tax could easily be beheaded instead of harassment and torture. This will rduce 7,50,000 crore corruption and releasw that money to exchequer. ALAS. These MOST SHAMELESS BLOOD SUCKING parasites create fictitious accounts to siphon off uncleaned tax refund dues.

This act of asking extra information from the over burdened middle class people is none less than a shameful act of Feku Modi ki Sarkar ... Can we middle class ask how much Modi spent on his luxorius cloths and travel ?? What is the break up of his income etc etc in detail ? This guy gonna get a good tight middle finger slap in his face in 2019 election .. middle class going to Vote NOTA this time ... Shame on you Modi ji u r a truely mis guided us


Government (IT Dept) always targets honest tax payers from middle/upper middle, salaried and pensioners class. It''s these classes who promptly pay taxes of all classes (IT, GST etc) and they are further put into problems.

JRP (Chennai)

It may make it difficult, not impossible. If you have a will you have a way. Income Tax department lack skills in identifying revenue sources independently. As long as this is true evaders have a field day.

It wont work. People will always find a way to dodge taxes. No self righteous Indian ever wants to pay tax.

Egg Head (DELHI) replies to James Last

Absolutely trash. That is what you comment. I have always remained in the lowest Tax slab for more than 2 decades & have been filling my I.T. Returns for more than 2 decades since the times when claiming HRA with bogus receipts was a norm rather than exception. I never lived in a rented house & never claimed rent exemption. As a senior citizen, I still continue to file I.T. Return. As a righteous Indian, I take umbrage to your sweeping remark & consider it my religious duty to file I.T. Return every year.

replies to Egg Head

Good for you. Guess you are pining for a Gold Medal for being a regular tax payer...lolz. I call BS on your comments. Being a nice guy does not help. And no one wants to end up being a loser.

replies to James Last

World never consisted of all Saints or all scamps; nor do I aspire for a medal. It's my duty to file I. T. Return & I have been following that religiously for more than 2 decades. It's not the case of being a 'nice guy' but a matter of perception. Becoming a crook is easy; following a righteous path difficult.

replies to Egg Head

Lolz....Go on right ahead and do your duty for your country Mr. Nice Guy...lolz...what a laugh...lolz. Hope you keep some shiner ready for those Gold medals....lolz

Instead of getting after the monster, the government is going after the salaried class to extract each and every penny of their hard earned money and on the other hand getting nothing in return -

At one point of time , our salary will be given to govt. and we will get tax as salary. :P

Egg Head (DELHI) replies to Manjot Singh

I find your sense of humor excellent & in these taxing times, keep it intact & continue to enlighten readers with such novel comments.Though, remaining in the lowest Income Tax slab, throughout my life, I have filed I.T. Returns for more than 2 decades without fail. No rental exemption, since I did not pay the rent. I am a senior citizen & still continue to file Return religiously, before the deadline.

VVRAJ (Mumbai) replies to Egg Head

@Egg Head - I commend you for filing your returns. My only question is you mention you have filed your returns for 2 decades but you are a senior citizen. What happened to the other years?

replies to VVRAJ

What do you mean? Which other years are you talking about? I am 62 years old now, but have been filing returns for more than 2 decades.

Governments always try to catch hold of middle income groups and pensioners instead of trying to catch big fish who evade taxes with immunity.

Egg Head (DELHI) replies to Puthumbaka Raghu kumar

Elementary my dear Kumar (not Watson), big fish-big money-big CAs-big Legal advisers & big money game. Can a middle class IT filer or a pensioner afford all these big (very big) ones-CA, Legal adviser big money etc.

Praveen Gorthi (hyderabad)

Wth.. You guys are scaring away salaried tax payers. You guys are collecting taxes without pain from salaried class where as they are hard working. Other side business class paying lower tax and cooking up the books..

The new details on the salary breakup will unnecessarily increase efforts for employees.Instead of this, the Standard Deduction for employees should be expanded to include HRA and all other allowances and raised to Rs 100,000 - this will help all salaried employees save tax and dramatically simplify the filing of the returns.

Egg Head (DELHI) replies to Hudaf Shaikh

Vote for me for 360 seats in next Lok Sabha & TATHASTU (may this happen). I will give everybody the magical figure of 11400 (remember the duo who fled with ACHCHE DIN in their pocket). Enjoy reading.

tammy (Delhi)

on 31st Indians buy fake rent receipts booklet and their mom signs it and they claim they are paying rent to other countries their is a 5 years jail term for this :-P

Egg Head (DELHI) replies to tammy

Many righteous Indians file IT Return & never give false receipts. No 2 fingers are alike.

tammy (Delhi) replies to Egg Head

1% indian file tax return and .01% files it honestly...I stay in Australia and i have no way to claim any exception from my taxable income and pays 30% tax..People ask why india is not progressing...simple answer is government don''t have enough money to run the country of 120 billion!

replies to tammy

I stay in India-this being my motherland. India is not progressing because, whatever Tax rate be for different individuals/companies etc, mighty moolah move every thing. I don't have any grudge against the corrupt one-(givers & takers both included), but I am at peace with myself, because I still find virtuous & righteous persons exist & will continue. Saints & scamps thrive side by side in the same world. A country of teeming billions can provide better days to the laity, if only rulers have the will to rein in pandemic corruption. Rot post Independence (1947), party funding, etc.-all false alibis. When it comes to will-the ruler does WILT.

Lalit (Mumbai)

The problem with our tax system is it does not have equilibrium. There are individual with Salary Income of Rs. 20 Lakhs paying tax of Rs. 4 Lakhs whereas we have individual with Business Income of Rs. 20 lakhs paying tax of Rs. 20 thousand. The Department is still checking all exemptions given to salaried individual as compared to businessmen. Individual with Business Income can claim all expenses whereas Salaried Individual is given standard deduction of Rs. 40,000/-. Businessmen owning car gets Depreciation benefit apart from other running cost of car, whereas Salaried Individual gets nothing. The Member of Parliament are getting tax free salaries as such they are not aware of such tremendous tax burden on salaried individuals. For India to grow we need to get the balance in tax system so that every citizen shall grow with the growing economy.

Likeit Ornot replies to Lalit

i agree.My businessmen friends earn 20 lakh per month and pay only 25000 tax per year

this is not tax evasion.. employees pays the most tax in India.. HRA gives them little relief this fu c king govt wants to steal that also.. fu ck modi jaitley.

Srinivas L replies to Indian

Can you educate us on how this is stealing something unless someone is not actually paying rent but still claiming HRA exemption. Your point about salaried class may be valid but this step is not meant only for salaried class right? Let us not vent our frustrations in life on unrelated stuff

Indian replies to Srinivas L

I am paying 50000 income tax per year as TDS. If I save some 2-3 thousand by inflated rent receipts, is this wrong? anyways I am paying so much tax. Shouldn''t they focus on people who are paying zero income tax?

can you tell me which govt service actually helps salaried classes and where money collected is spent?

Increase the limit of HRA otherwise the burden will fall on the tenant only. Because the owners will ask for "Net of Taxes" so that they don''t loose any thing for this stupid tax rules.

Nandakumar Sadasiva Bhat (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

Remove all these exemptions, increase the tax free income from 250000 to 500000 or 600000 like that Tax all the money that comes in in a simple way. Many countries in europe etc follow this method. Make ITR filing OPTIONAL.

Honestly tell us which house owner will provide his PAN card... its just one more tax for honest tax payers.. now be ready to pay more rent as house owner will not prefer tenets who seek owners PAN card or will increase rent to the amount to pay their tax obviously.

Srinivas L replies to Sam

So is the solution to allow house owners not to honest?

Ashish (Bangalore) replies to Sam

I am providing PAN detail to the tenant for last few years. But, never thought of providing their PAN detail in my return filing, although provided all detail of rental income.

we have to open BJP party fund accounts to check for fraud

very good move, highly appreciated, every drop counts, now high time also get the tax evaders(lalit and other modi''s) from outside countries... and made to pay fraud amount and tax.. if not that.. jus ask them to pay the fraud amount atleast.. if not the entire amount atleast part of the fraud amount.. some peanuts from MLAs, MPs, big default corporate and these frauds...


i need to deduct tds for the rent i paid.. in which logic it is easier for tax payer.. worst govt ever for tax payer..


it looks as if tax payers are evading tax

Vikram Singh (Kolkata)

Come 2019 and we the salaried class will surely show the pan to them.

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